Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Brown Stitch, Cobbles Cowl

Cobbles Cowl by Elizabeth Smith, The Brown Stitch
Pattern: Cobbles Cowl by Elizabeth Smith, The Brown Stitch Digital download on Ravelry, $5.00
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Mecha in Borrajas and Prussian Blue on size 10.5 needle

Elizabeth recently released this pattern on her Facebook page. I saw the textured stitches and fell so hard, went and downloaded it then and there! I was wondering what I had in stash to make this as I was trolling the Mecha yarn page and saw three skeins for de-stash that I ended up ordering. The colors in person made me swoon and I was caking up and casting on within the half hour of the delivery. (In case you are new here, I am a tad obsessed.......). It was quick progress with the chubby yarn and size 10.5 needles. I think this will become my go to for Christmas gifts. By the way, there is another size, the large, which can be looped around twice.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

FO Friday Samen Shawl

The beginning stage of my Samen Shawl, and my Knit Wit Yarns project bag.
I first saw this shawl on The Fat Squirrel Speaks podcast. My version looks different, as it is not knit with two different strands held together. The Stephen West pattern has a marled effect where the two yarns blend together. The yarns were all gathered from the De-Stash room at Fiber Camp this past March. Such beauteous colors! I was going to use the wool for mittens and hats but they looked too pretty together. When I saw the Samen design, it clicked!

Stephen West's Samen, from his Ravelry project page
Pattern: Samen by Stephen West Digital download on $6.00
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool Solids and Louet Gems Worsted

The pattern is a fun puzzle to knit but not so challenging that you need to sit alone to knit. The yarn is so soft and sproingy. It is an aran weight and has been discontinued but you can find skeins for sale on the Ravelry yarn page if you like the hues. The pattern calls for short rows and eyelets and then garter across the width. It went pretty quickly and is a very good size. I'll need to add measurements later as it is in Maine....

As a note of encouragement, this was such a fun knit and not taxing on the brain to knit while watching Netflix or hanging out with family. The pattern is detailed and has great instructions. It is a $6.00 digital download on Ravelry. I'm actually surprised that only 587 projects are listed on his pattern page. I will definitely knit this again.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

New in the Knitting in Beantown Etsy shop!

This lovely print is such a happy one, do you agree?

Knitting in Beantown Louisburg Arc project bags 

Some of my handmade zipper pulls
Hello friends, followers and new visitors. I have been away from my blog for such a long time, but now that I am back, I have some news for you! Earlier this year, I spent my April vacation caring for my dad and while he rested I was sewing up a storm. I found such sweet and beautiful fabrics that I was like an obsessed maniac, cranking out bag after bag in assembly line style. Now I find I have a stack of stock and need assistance in getting the word out, can you help? I have just created a Facebook page for the business, please go and hit "Like" and "Notifications", as I plan to add bags to the shop daily.  If you click "Like" and "Notifications" you will see as I upload photos of new additions to the shop.

Link to Etsy shop....

Thanks in advance for your help, and I will return with some of the things I've been knitting. Also, I have photos from a recent trip to visit my oldest in Hawaii... more on that this week.

Aloha and Mahalo

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sewing mania!

A project bag, under construction
I have been obsessed with sewing the past few months. It started with a whole new set of fabrics and shapes for project bags for my Knitting in Beantown Etsy shop. Then, I got brave and bought a few patterns to make clothing for me. It stings to take measurements and see that I no longer fit into a size 12. It stings like mad, but I got over it and decided to take the plunge and sew for my current size. I am in love! I have been using a number of patterns that are now on the market and I also modified patterns I used back in the 80's. Yes! The 80's! I have a stash of fabric suitable for apparel and so I plunged into dress making.
Here is s photo collection of my making. I love cotton or linen and the colors and prints were from a collection of fabric stashed over the years. Each dress is so comfortable and they actually fit! Thanks to Jenny of the Tiny Paper Foxes podcast. Her twenty minute making KAL inspired me to think about building a new collection of clothes that I made myself. Colors, shapes, prints all make me happy. Do you have sewing skills? A love for patterns and fabric. Do you love to pair the prints and drapes of cloth to a pattern? Come hang with me, I have more patterns queued up! The next step for these finished garments is to find something I have knit to accessorize with.

Six dresses in a week...
Merchant and Mills, Factory Dress in blue linen

The color is a french blue
I found this pattern in Z Fabrics, a shop in Portland, ME.
Fitted bodice of the Deer and Doe Sureau Dress

The print is called Stained Glass
Another Sureau Dress
Sureau number 3
I bought this pattern in Mercer's Fabrics on Charles Street, Beacon Hill.
Such a comfortable dress, flattering too.
The fabric is a batik, hand stamped print.
This McCall's dress is inspired by a 60's pattern.
Red linen shift.
This pattern is one from 1986.
I hope my post will inspire you to shop your stash or your local fabric store. Check out Stitch House and Mercer's Fabric in Boston, Z Fabrics in Portland.  And happy making!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Some teasers

What's on my needles? Rivulet by Tincan Knits
I have been gone from writing here for over two months and must get back to the routine of posting more and sharing with you. I am now in Maine, caring for my dad. He has a bad fall three weeks ago and it caused a domino effect of health issues. I spent a week in the hospital with him, getting tested and having his vitals stabilized. Now he is in rehab and working hard to regain the strength he lost so rapidly. This period of time has taken me away from work and my home and family in Boston, but I am in my second happy place now that he is on the road to recovering. It has allowed me knitting and sewing time and I have been busy. Here are some tempting photos for you. I promise I will return with all of the details.....

Rivulet, pattern by Tincan Knits from the book Roadtrip Pattern costs $5.00, digital book, $18.00
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarn Woodland knit on size 6 needles.
I had ordered the book Roadtrip in anticipation of casting on the Clayquot Sweater, but I have been too preoccupied to get my stash yarns together for swatching. This pattern has such an interesting texture and it is actually an intuitive knit. The yarn is from the stash table at Fiber Camp 2016, thank you Alaisdair!!!

I'm adding a slew of new project bags to my Etsy shop
I am in the process of uploading the different bags, but I have over a dozen new prints. The link to the Etsy shop is here. I call this the Rowes Wharf/ Ornate Shears bag. The dimensions of this bag are 13" tall, 10" wide and 4" deep in the box bottom. The bag is lined and reinforced with interfacing, giving it the support needed to stand alone. The bag is made of cotton and is washable. The price will be $38.00. This is the only tall bag in the shop for now.

Rowes Wharf/ Bicycles and baskets of posies

Rowes Wharf/ Decorated Birds
Rowes Wharf/ Birds in a Row
These bags all measure approximately 10x10x4". They are hand made by me, currently here in Maine, or in Boston. The materials are cotton fabrics, poly zippers and interfacing. The bags can be washed, and will benefit from a touch up with the iron to give them a crisp finish. If you are a knitter, please know I intended the bags for holding a shawl, socks or the start of a sweater. They can also be used to organize your bag during travel or hold make up or tech devices.
I am currently working on listing them in the Etsy shop and expect them to be available for sale by 2PM today, May 4.