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I've opened an Etsy shop for projects bags!!

The past few weeks have found me crafting in a new way. You know I am always knitting, right? Well, I have been passing those hours of knitting in the sewing of project bags. Since last summer, my friend Julie has been urging me to join her Etsy shop, Mooncusser Bags. I was reluctant to drag out all of my sewing supplies and take over the dining room table.  But I was inspired and I gave it a try. My first test bag was constructed using some leftover scraps from previous sewing projects. The heavy upholstery fabric is lined with a floral print. This bag was inspired by one of my favorite knitting bags. Because it was a test, it is not in the shop. I had only enough fabric for the one bag.

I have been with Julie as she shopped for supplies and I enjoyed helping her find fabric and complimentary linings. It was such fun, and when I found a fabric at my local shop, I thought.. "Hmm should I get this and send it to Julie?" Heck no! I'll use it and see how a bag might turn o…

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