Ebay items to watch

I wanted to show you some of the items on Ebay that I have been watching, since I will not be bidding any more on these items... 

The first is a gorgeous pair of unusual needles in a material called bakelite.    I have been told that this materials is a hard plastic that old phones were made of, but someone correct me if I am wrong. Check out the color of these babies. The seller states they are old and may date back to the 50's. I would guess earlier, but it is hard to say without seeing them. My reservation on bidding is that they are from Australian and the shipping seems prohibitive.

The second seller has some huge, rustic wooden needles that started out very inexpensive, but now the bidding is up to $62.00.  They almost look handmade in the photo. I can picture the ancestors back in County Clare knitting away on them.

Some of the purchases I have made so far are not this historic or expensive but I have begun collecting  for two reasons, one, because they are unique and I like the idea of vintage knitting supplies; I hope to channel the knitting energy of my Aunts Mary and Ursula. The other incentive is to collect enough needles to begin teaching either kids or adults how to knit. If I have enough disposable needles I can get people started on their practice pieces for less money. The needles I have bought for this purpose are not as unusual and beautiful as the two examples above, but they are of the aluminum or plastic variety. The collections were very affordable and some even came in original packaging with prices from that era (ranging from 25 cents to under $1.50). 

Another lot that I am so anxious to receive includes six knitting books  that are recent publications. The lot of them cost only $23.000, plus shipping. That is about what I would have spent to get one book. 

The one book I coveted was Hannah Fettig's Closely Knit. This is a book I discovered while listening to a Nevernotknitting podcast. I wanted the book especially for the cute bird's nest pin cushion. She also has a number of sweater patterns using sock weight yarn that are adorable. I have Featherweight in my queue and hope to start on in by April. Hannah is the author of the Knitbot blog. I love her style and the fact that she is from Maine, and that she works with the designers at Quince and Co. yarns. 

I want to tell you more about Nevernotknitting and Quince and Co in a future post, but go look at their sites  and see if you swoon.

I also got three of the Stitch and Bitch books. Debbbie Stoller has written a series of books that are so helpful to a new or experienced knitter. 

I eagerly await the delivery of this package and will share more about the contents of these books once they arrive!

 So go take a gander. I dare you!


Guzzisue said…
I have a couple of pairs of bakelite needles and know of a bobbin lacemaker who has bakerlite bobbins :-)

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