Insomnia 101

I have had this little problem for a while now... it involves waking up at the crack of 3AM. Why do you ask? Who knows... yarn fumes from my current project?... my cat Lucy waking me up so she can play? inner clockwork meltdown??? I guess it could be a combo of all of the above.

So here is what I do. If rolling over to try and fall back to sleep doesn't work, then I log onto Ravelry, or Knitty or Ebay. I might check my email and Facebook page for anything interesting. This is all done as the tea kettle brews me a cup. If I still feel wide awake, you know I'll be pulling my knitting out to get a few rows done. My current project is Derry, from New England Knits. I am using Manos de Uruguay in Classica. The colorway is a grass green and buttercup yellow variegated. This is by far my most favorite yarn to knit with and I love how soft the sweater is. I will post pix later today.


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