Needles and audiobooks at the ready!!

When I started this obsessive pastime, I had a few balls of yarn, maybe 4 pairs of needles, and an old how to knit brochure from when I was a teen. I soon realized I would need more, (and this was before Ravelry) so I went in search of a good but cheap knitting book. I found Knitting the Easy Way at my local Christmas Tree shop for about $4.99. I learned so much from this book and made many of the patterns without too much frustration. My favorite was the Possum Hat, of which I must have made at least two dozen.

As I made thes hats, I listened to many books on tape/CD. I still love doing two things at once when it involved books and yarn. One of the most memorable stories was called the Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman. The story was vividly told and had many unexpected twists. Another memorable story that was dramatically read was Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

So, go to the bookstore or even better, your local library, and pick up a couple of books about knitting. Find something on the small side and give it a try. I would recommend a cotton washcloth. It is a good practice piece, useful, and it isn't so big that you quit and stuff into the back of your closet for later. Oh! Don't forget to check out the selection of audio books! I guarantee you will become hooked, you'll find reasons to sit longer to listen to the end of the chapter instead of the usual retort of "just let me finish this row"!


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