A new addiction... and yes, it involves knitting.

My latest addiction has been trolling Ebay for vintage knitting needles. I have been bopping on and off the site to see how I fare in the bidding.  There are many offerings but I was looking for either bakelite or colorful plastic. I picked up four sets still in their packages, priced from .49 to $1.10  for 6.50. Today they arrived in the mail. I especially like the four DPNs in size ten that are 10" long. Not a common size set in my experience so far. I have another batch coming in the mail and I await the final hours of bidding to see if I can win a set of very old, wooden needles, for $9.00! 


sheepkins said…
i love vintage things!! i'll need to go check out ebay to look (don't worry i won't buy any ) :)
Erin_in_Boston said…
Hi Sheepkins, I am now dividing my time between the Rav forums and the vintage knitting pages on Ebay.
Yesterday I scored large and got six knitting books for $23.00!!!! One was Hannah Fettig's Knitting Close, 4 were Stitch and Bitch Nation books, and the other two are unknown to me, but still look good!
I have an addictive personality, knitting is my master... :P

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