I was on Ravelry and checking out the forums page and found my way back to this post that was made over four months ago. Those of you that know me and snicker about my addiction to Ravelry and yarn and knitting...here is my defense.

The thing I like most about Ravelry is how it has TRANSFORMED my life! Before Rav, I had needles and a stash and some ho hum knitting books. I made simple flat patterns, now….? Now I am so motivated that knitting has taken over my life, work is just a long and unhappy hiatus from my current project. I knit all the time, to the dismay of my kids but I’m not shooting up heroin so there! I love that my project list is as long as it is and as someone else mentioned, I like how I can look at the things I have dropped and get motivated to pick them up again and get them done. Through Ravelry, I have met so many people both in person and thru the internet, they inspire me and bring me to that happy place of yarn bliss. I often wonder at the fact that this whole WORLD didn’t exist so long ago, now it is like caffeine or nutrients for so many of us. Thank you to the fairy godmother and godfather of Ravelry for establishing this creative universe.


Cat said…
i agree completly! ravelry is one of the best things ever! there are many people who feel alone in the crafty universe and suddenly: whooosh! type in your city and you will get an amazing abount of people around you who like to do the same things!

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