Why knit?

As a knitter, I feel it is my duty to try and lure you into the smoooshy, cozy world that we are all enthralled with. So many people look at me with eyes glazed over when ever I start down this path so if you want to try resisting... TURN BACK NOW! 

1. It gives you something to do with your hands while you watch a movie. You do eat less buttered popcorn if you have expensive wool in your lap.

2. It is a cheaper way to give gifts to people. (That is if you don't factor in the element of time.)

3. Knitting is like yoga, except there is no stretching or deep breathing. You get that centered feeling without falling over trying to hold the Salute to the Sun pose.

4. Have you ever heard yourself say, "Self, I love that sweater, I just wish it was in a color I love more than breathing or eating jelly beans"? Go to a yarn store and see if you can find just one ball of color that doesn't plead with you to take it home.

5. Knitting allows you to multi-task in a way that inspires awe, wonder and in some cases extreme frustration. (Case in point, "Yes, I will drive you to the mall, make supper, take you to the emergency room, just as soon as I finish this row).

6. It is a good way to use up that stash that is buried in the back of your closet.

7. It provides people on the T (or other public transit) something to stare at other than your shoes.

8. If you get a two or three year sentence at the State Pen., it gives you something to do to pass the time . (But do they let you have pointy sticks in jail?).

9. Yes, I know you can buy socks for $1.99, but I like to make them myself.

10. Yarn bombing is less destructive than tagging. Plus if it stays there awhile, I gives the birds colorful fiber for their nests.

So, I urge you, think about trying knitting. But I also urge you to go to a LYS (aka local yarn shop) and get real wool in a color you love. Start with wooden needles, they grab the yarn and help you from dropping stitches as you get acclimated. And most LYS are staffed by people who are also addicted. Who better to entice you into a sport that can become hypnotizing and fulfilling. When under the influence of yarn fumes, you barely notice the buildup of dust and dirt in the place where you live!


abipolz said…
like the blog. found it through Ravelry group. I was going to say that I inherited a bunch of vintage knitting needles and crochet hooks from a Great-Aunt and that I think they're super fun to use - 40+ years old! Keep it up!

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