2KCBWDAY3 Tidy mind, tidy stitches

Am I a tidy and neat knitter?..... uh no. But.... (and isn't there always a but?) .... I have some systems in place that are working for me. I have all of my straight needles in a collection of vases, sorted by wooden, metal, plastic and vintage. My Knitpicks circulars are still in the great storage bag they came in, unless there is something on the needles. My dpns are together in a clear zipper pouch, in their original pouches. I use Altoid type tins for my stitch markers and sewing needles.

I have a number of project bags/totes that have my project, pattern, tape measure, row counters and note pad/pen. The pattern is in a sheet protector so I can mark the row I am on using Post-its or highlighter tape. I also keep track of modifications and where I have left off. One of my favorite bags is a felted tote that I made.

All of my knitting books are together now, on a shelf where I can get at them easily. They had been tucked away on a shelf in my closet, but I wasn't using them as much because they were hard to get at in that poorly lit spot. The magazines that I collect are on the same shelf in magazine holders.

I did the Red Line Yarn Crawl last week and bought a collection of beautiful skeins, I want to put them out so I can look at them as I search for pattern ideas. I have seen a few ideas on other blogs that I like. One idea is to get some peg racks and hang the skeins, or bowls to place on a shelf or table. Sounds, good right?

Now, my secret shame.... I have some very nice yarn in my stash now, but not all of it is listed on my Ravelry Stash page, and there are no photos! I store this yarn in a few storage tubs in my rooms, two mediums sized ones and then three small ones. I hope to get help posting all of my stash and projects soon. I know it will help me match up yarn that I have to patterns I put in my Favorites queue.

So do I have a tidy mind and tidy stitches... let me put it this way....there is room for great improvement!

All of these "tidy tricks" are recent... I have been stepping up my committment to working on more involved projects and I find that I am more apt to work longer when everything I need is right there. I do feel more relaxed about getting down to work because I know all of my stuff is together, waiting for me.


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