2KCBWDAY5 Embellishments

If you've been following this page, you know that I am camera/technology challenged. I keep hoping I can wrangle one of my kids to show me how to do this upload thingy, but it still hasn't happened so I am opting to do the Wild Card option over the day 5 challenge of doing a photo only post.

The definition of embellish is to make something more beautiful with ornamentation by adding decorations or fanciful details. It can also be used when describing a manner of telling a tale. Here goes....

This is a tale of a creative soul who longed for a way back to the making of things. This crafter had spent many hours on fiber and clay arts in high school, then while at college and during the early stages of raising a family, the craft boxes were taped up and pushed into a corner, inaccessible and forgotten. It was the desire to return to creating things of beauty and utility that brought her back to her crafts.

On the recommendation of friends and family, the idea of doing something with her hands was reawakened, rejuvenated. The return to knitting was tricky at first. The remaining stash from the fun fur scarves was not enticing, the books and pattern magazines seemed dated and uninspiring. Then, after listening to a spot on NPR about this new social network called Ravelry, the batteries became charged up, the ideas began to flow, and the needles started clicking.

At one time, she would shop quietly, diligently, resourcefully. The habit of clipping the coupons for the big box stores and visiting the stores once a week to buy some new addition to the knitterly pastime has evolved into a reluctance to go to those stores now except for magazines or notions. The preference is now to visit one of two favorite yarn shops regularly. No coupons, no sales, but now the shops visited are well equipped to meet the needs of each new project. The friendly staff is welcoming in each shop, encouraging, and interested in the progress of each sweater, hat or scarf.

It began slowly at first, a few new needles and yarns, a free pattern download, a challenge to make gifts for Christmas, and now it has become a full blown obsession. Knitting at free moments on at least three or four projects keeps the creative juices flowing, the inspiration to find other new and challenging knitting endeavors even wakes me in the middle of the night. If only there were a way to increase the needle speed- zoomy needles hone in on this abode!


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