2KCBWDAY6 Something to aspire to

Chrysanthemum Mittens, Knitty Winter 2010

Something to aspire to. Hmmmm, someting as in singular? If I had to choose one item that I aspire to making in the next year, it would be safe to name one of the following-

Longterm goals for challenging work include Sylvi, the red coat in the photo above and Anne Weaver's Sanguine, the first photo of the grey sweater. I know these projects will take a long time to complete and the complexity of the pattern is a tad beyond my reach, that is assuming we aren't planning an intentional nervous breakdown!


Voie de Vie said…
That Sylvi coat is just awesome - it won a Ravelry Bobby award for the most innovative use of cables last year.

And thanks for the compliment on my writing. I don't edit all that much, mostly just for grammar and punctuation and such. I do write the content in a Word document first, and then copy into Blogger. There may be some minor revising at that stage, but most of my posts are already in my head before I even get to Word.

So I guess I'm having lots of conversations with myself, eh? :)

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