2KCBWDAY7 My Knitting and Crochet Time

Today's blog topic is to talk about your crafting time. I am a solitary knitter. I have no knit group that I meet with, I do know of one, but haven't trekked there on a Friday night as of yet.

Next to me when I knit is my basket of knitting goodies- pattern, pen and sticky notes, crochet hook, scissors, tape measure, stitch markers and obviously my cake of yarn and my current project. I always have at least three things going and each has it's own basket/bag/tote filled with the notions described above.

When do I knit... all of the time... but mostly in the predawn hours. I am an EARLY bird. I can't seem to asleep past 5:30 on a good day, other mornings, I 'll be wide awake at 3 or 4 AM. So it is a good time for me to make some serious progress on my current WIP (work in progress). I usually knit either at the computer and listen to podcasts (two of my favs are nevernotknitting and stashandburn) or NPR. If I am in front of the TV I might put on a familiar movie to keep distractions from complicated charts to a minimum, or it might be that I channel surf and knit.

I look forward to warmer weather because then I will sit in my little patio and knit while I enjoy the breeze and listening to the small happenings in my neighborhood.

I long for the perfect chair to sit in while I knit. I get very uncomfortable in the seating I have. Maybe if I stopped haunting my favorite LYS I could start a fund for this perfect chair? Hmmmm, yarn or months of setting aside small sums... unlikely!

I don't usually eat and knit, but I do have tea or coffee or water nearby. I sometimes have a bowl of grapes, or gumdrops, though I am trying to wean my addiction to candy :(

I do knit daily, and try to get in an hour, at the very least. My dream day for knitting is a snow day/no school, a sleeping house until noon, and random breaks for hot tea or shoveling. Days like this were frequent this winter and I got into the rhythm of a more speedy routine. I've completed a number of bigger projects this year.

So many projects and yarn and only 24 hours in a day! I often whine that I need to learn to knit Continental style because it is faster. (Continental is when the yarn feeds into your knitting from your left hand; it is called "picking". I knit by "throwing" my yarn with my right hand.)


Voie de Vie said…
I'm a thrower, too. I have no desire to learn picking, but I reserve my right to change my mind. :)

Btw, thanks for the kind comments about the article - I enjoyed both the research and the writing. But your daughter is maxed out with Reavelry? Huh? What's up with that?!!!! Maybe she should guest write a few blog entries for you about it. I bet they'd be interesting!

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