Good morning Tuesday

This is a brief non-knitterly post about the philosophy of receiving each day as a gift. The past is behind me, the future hasn't arrived yet, the present is a gift. Thank you for giving me another day to do it better.

I have a number of stressors hanging above my head these days, but I am trying to keep strolling with them over me; I know that this too shall pass. I also know that sometimes these kinds of times put you into a more real, reality kind of thinking. 

Stressors include 
  • having to relocate my classroom in a new building
  • not being able to continue to work with the characters that I love at work
  • having to apply for jobs and being the newbie in September
  • getting enough money together for all that I need to underwrite as prom/graduation season is descending

Also, I am wondering about a good friend's recovery from a serious stroke. I pray for her and hear good things about her recovery, but I want to know she's gonna be back to her full speed self. Too many visitors to impose myself on their congested household at this point. I'll just keep praying.

So, Baby Buddha, keep shining that blissful smile on my life and know I may need some help keeping it together. I have faith it will all be "awright". I trust I will land on my feet. I just need to stretch and keep my chin up.


Patricia said…
A blog I can relate to! Like that you list your stressors...I make lists too and sometimes add something to it, just so I can cross it off! What works best for me it to try to stay in the present and right now, at this minute, I am happy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope to hear from you after you visit MFA and tell me what you think of our sarcophagus! Believe me, I thank my stars that this man came into my life...what a gift at this time in my life. Just proves that you never know what life may have waiting for you, just around the next bend in the road!

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