Current projects and the "Need to Have New Knits"

Image of Wendy Bernard's My Favorite Cardigan from Custom Knits

Current Projects
I have been working on a frogged sweater in a new pattern. I am making My Favorite Cardigan in green. This is my third green sweater in a row... I thought my favorite color was red... hmmm

I bought Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits last fall and it has helped me to grow into a better knitter. She makes the case for knitting in the round, top down, and I do love how I can stop and try on for fit. Plus no seams! There are so many patterns in this book that you will not need another sweater book for a while!

So the sweater that got frogged was one of the first things I made that were not garter stitch and flat, as in funfur scarves... please don't judge...  The sweater was an easy turtleneck and it was made in pieces and then sewn together. As I ripped out the frogged sweater to rewind the yarn, I was shocked to witness the horrible seaming that I had done. I avow that I will learn a new seaming technique... any readers have a favorite to recommend??.. please leave in it in my comments box.

Everybody Knows
Image of Everybody Knows by Anne Weaver of Weaverknits

I have a pile of Madelinetosh Dk in Baltic next to my bed. It croons me to sleep, wakes me up at 3 am, and even though I have been swatching, I must admit I suffer from yarn intimidation. 

If you ever read my prior posts, you might remember that I am new to buying the good stuff. Before, I prided myself on the economy of using a 50% coupon at AC Moore and I picked up serviceable wools there, but none of these yarns ever made me feel faint.  

Since the religious conversion, I have worked with Lamb's Pride, Manos Maxima and now the Madelinetosh. I also bought some Quince in Maine over Thanksgiving and want more of their yarns. 

So, back to my Madelinetosh Dk, I sit next to the basket as I work on My Favorite Cardigan and I ponder the possibilities. I intended to use it to make Anne Weaver's cardigan Everybody Knows. I even got gorgeous mother of pearl buttons for it. 

So why am I blocked??? I tried making this sweater before and my gauge was soooooo far off that it was like a tent. This is why I am frozen. I don't trust my swatch. Help!!! Any advice or warm words of encouragement? Has this happened to you? How did you move through it? I hope to begin working on it in the next week, I have a new rule... buy it and start within a month or ELSE!!! No more yarn shopping!!! 

Now, the Need to Have New Knits!!!!

The title of this blog was inspired by some of the things I have been noticing on the People Tab at Ravelry. I have been requesting to be friends with designers or knitters that I admire, and I often check out the feed that shows what they have been posting in "FOs" or "My Queue" or "Favorites". I feel like I am in the company of those in the Know! You know those people who know a trend is around the corner before anyone else?? 

Here's what I am talking about:
Image of Stephen West's Akimbo

Image of Grumpygirl"s Greeny Circles

Image of Jared Flood' Fortnight


Patricia said…
If I make the "My Favorite Cardigan" will my "mature" body look like the girl in the picture? I also wish I could take the leap to better yarn but I remain intimidated. I did win a gift certificate in a raffle and bought some Malabrigo Silky Merino with it. I have a WIP...a simple cardigan that has to be assembled. I cannot go to the next step without my knitting mentor at my side and we can't get together until June!! I have done a few top-downs and like the concept and the no seams. I have found some videos on Youtube that demonstrated some seam techniques. I used one (I think it was called the mattress technique) on a vest I made for Jay and the seams is actually invisible!
Evelyn said…
I am going to give you warms words of encouragement for two things:

1) Yes, buy beautiful yarns and enjoy feeling them between your fingers as you work. The yarns will feel even more beautiful when you wear them. And if you feel intimidated, try knitting something small like a cowl rather than a sweater which can be intimidating in itself.

2) I have only recently come to appreciate swatching so I say "keep swatching." Not only have I found it a great learning experience (I'm big on pushing myself to try challenging stitches) but I love seeing this little thing represent my accomplishment.

Can't wait to see what you make with the Madeleinetosh DK -- one of my favorite yarns of all time!

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