Wednesday's Child is full of Woe

Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe

There's some old poem thingy that lists what your nature will be, based on the day you were born. Well, not this girl on this day!

I have been excessed from the job I have had for the past 11 years due to a reorganization of the special education department. The plan is to move all the students with the same prototype, in this case Severe Disabilities, into one of two buildings in the North Zone. So our little MH (Multi Handicap) program will be closed and all of my stuff, (more crap than I want to sift through) must be moved and I have to apply for my job again. :(

So, I haven't given you much detail about my life, aside from succumbing to yarn fumes on a regular basis.... I am a single mom of three amazing girls. One has just graduated from college, one is a junior in college, and the babe is a senior in high school. 

I have learned over the past twelve years that I have strengths that run deep, (a nod of thanks to Nana McDonald for those genes), patience and faith that everything will be ok, and the bad times, well, these too shall pass. But being the sole supporter of teenaged girls assumes there is a pirate's chest full of booty somewhere! How am I gonna do THIS??!!!

So, back to Wednesday's child train of thought....  and it aligns with yesterday's post about being grateful. I have had the good luck to have already gone on one interview, and while it was very informal, I was offered a position before the half hour had elapsed! ( actually it was about 8 minutes in.. sqeeee!) I have to think it over, but my initial fear of how to make ends meet on a small unemployment check have vanished. I still have three more positions to hear back from. And about three weeks before all of the cards fall into place.

So, to the power of positive thinking, the power of having the ability to work hard and consequently, earn a reputation that, today, preceded me... I offer that smile of bliss and gratitude. 


PandaBearofDoom said…
Good luck I hope you hear from the other job positions XD

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