Simplesavy, the recipient of my Blogger yarn swap

Blog group yarn swap has had it's first foray into a fun activity and I am hoping one gets coordinated again real soon! I know I loved getting a skein from Evelyn my swap partner. I am working on a bag from Classic Elite Patterns called Nigh Duck in Debbie Stoller's Full o'Sheep wool, color clementine.

Now for my swap partner Christine, (blog named Simplesavy). I enjoyed looking into my stash to see what I had that might match up with her favorite colors or fibers. It was fun sleuthing as I read through her blog in search of the best yarn to send. So in the end I sent a skein of Elsebeth Lavold Calm. I chose this yarn because it is a delicious blend of wool, alpaca, and camel's hair. The color is a rusted pumpkin hue, not exactly orange or dark red, someplace in the middle. I won this yarn at Stitch House, during a Yarn Crawl drawing. Because I have a hard time choosing projects that are smaller, the wee ball has been languishing in my storage tote and needed a good home. I am anxious to see what it will become. As I was thinking back over past patterns that I have admired, I remembered Ida's Kitchen by Kristin Kapur. That might have been a good thing to use the Calm for. Ah well, now to wait to see what Christine comes up with.


Evelyn said…
I've never knitted with Elsebeth Lavold Calm but seeing this fabulous photo of the hat done up in Calm, I just might have to get a few skeins of it myself.
Evelyn said…
Hi again, Just saw your comments on my blog post -- thanks for the notes about ebay and I wish you were with me, too, in Philly! As for the skein that I sent you in the swap, now I feel bad that you have to get another one to finish your bag ... hope you can find clementine in your LYS or chain store. Can't wait to see the bag when it's done which I know will also mean that the sun has come out again.
simplesavvy said…
I can't get over how gorgeous that hat is. It seems like an excellent project for the Calm. Too bad I've already committed the yarn (mentally, I mean) to a shawl for migraineur friend. But shh! Don't tell her I told you.

In the meantime, I think I will have to acquire a variegated yarn to do that hat up. You're just full of good ideas. :)

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