Success Saturday!!

I have a Saturday routine and I am loving how it has going over the past two months. You see I am  member of Weight Watchers and have been on the plan for 2 1/2 years. I was in a slump where I lost and regained the same four pounds. Until Haymarket !

Haymarket is a local farmer's market in the heart of the city. You can get fresh produce at dirt cheap prices and taste a slice of city life as you shop.

So, if you have read any of the food posts, you might deduce that I am cooking a lot more lately, and using lots of fresh veggies and fruit. Well, it has changed my life. I shop better, cook healthier, and consequently, have lost 17 pounds since mid February!!! YAY!! ( I want to get a recording of the Stash and Burn hosts who have a unique "Yay" that always makes me smile while listening to their podcasts).

I reward myself at my favorite LYS after my meeting, and I have been getting lots of rewards lately!!! I shop at Windsor Button and I love going in there, even if only to pick up a magazine or peruse the ideas table for my next project and supplies. Today I picked up the latest Vogue Knitting magazine (Early Fall... what the heck???). I also got a new booklet from Classic Elite Yarns called High Seas. There is a beautiful shawl made from Silky Alpaca Lace yarn called Parkhurst.

I know it is crazy, but I need to admit to what I have on the needles right now. I have one front panel left to finish my Manana sweater, I just cast on Tea Leaves in Madelinetosh Baltic colorway. I am also motoring through my Nigh Duck bag, made with a gift of yarn from Evelyn , a member of the Blog Hub Group.

So now, like a crazy person, successful in the weight loss game, I am casting on yet another project! The Parkhurst  was appealing to me once I saw the colors in the Silky Alpaca Lace. I chose go with a variegated burnt orange, olive and cherry colorway that will look nice next to the cherry pink solid . Last week, when the shop owner steered me in the direction of this yarn, I looked and said "Uh oh". I knew it was a "must have" project. Lucky for me, I was successful at weigh-in this morning! I think I will reflect on that as I knit this shawl. Any kind of positive thinking helps, right?

I have so many projects that I want to get cast on, but will have to wait until I get at least two of these finished. I predict it will be the Manana and the Nigh duck bag, but the Tea Leaves is such a hypnotizing pattern, that I may finish that first!

What's your passion project these days??


Patricia said…
Wow...your happy energy just leaped off the computer screen! Good for you. There is nothing more invigorating than reaching goals. I looked at your wips and am inspired. Someday I too will have enough confidence to graduate from Joann's to a specialty yarn shop. Right now I am making the February Lady sweater for my mom's birthday.
Evelyn said…
Yipee! I'm so happy for you, Erin, and congratulate you a hundred-fold. I love that you are cooking more and that your weight loss is connected to eating fresh food -- that's the best way to get healthy. It was great to read your post as I've been feeling overwhelmed by my many WIPs, too, and just made a commitment this morning (out loud!) that I would finish at least two of my near-complete projects TODAY! So, let's keep cheering each other on....

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