WIPS Pictures.... finally!

Yes, I am working on three projects. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

New Navy Sprout yarn from Classic Elite Yarns, sweater pattern Manana in upper left.
Madelinetosh Baltic in sweater patter Tea Leaves to upper right.
Full o' Sheep Clementine yarn, pattern Nigh Duck, center bottom.

So, I got brave, (plus I had the tutelage of my oldest), and I shot and uploaded some of the work that has been occupying my time, spare time or no spare time. The colors are Clementine, Baltic, and New Navy. The bright blue of New Navy and the teal blue green of the Baltic didn't really come across in the photo. I guess next time I will shoot closer to high noon. 

The Manana in New Navy is nearly done, but I have tossed it into the timeout corner. Now I understand why some knitters need to do this. I have nearly the whole sweater done, but for reasons unknown, (or not admitted) I have had to start this over, and over, and over again. Either I forgot to change needle size after the 2x2 ribbing, or I didn't do the full border of the bottom, but instead did the side panel of 11 stitches, or I dropped a stitch, or forgot which row I was on. Needless to say more, dear knitters, you can commiserate can't you? I'm sure you have had similar stumbles.  

I have since thrown my self into working on the Tea Leaves using the tres expenseeeve yarn (Madelinetosh Baltic) I gave myself for my birthday. I have wanted a sweater in this shade of peacock for at least three years. On my birthday, back in March, I splurged (cough, cough, HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT) and got 9 skeins of Maedlinetosh. I was at the Red Line Yarn Crawl, and had a discount coupon, but still..... it was way more expensive that anything I have ever bought for myself, except maybe my laptop. (Kitchen appliances don't count right??? LOL!)

Yoke of Tea Leaves sweater

Close up of garter and stockinette detail, Tea Leaves sweater.

Border of waffle stitch on Manana sweater.

Back view.

Unblocked side.

Close up of front trim. (camera is rotated, so it looks not so much like a front).

Nigh Duck bag made with Debbie Stoller's Full o' Sheep Clementine received from Evelyn in Blog Hub Yarn Swap. Thanks again to Eveleyn!

The gauge is smaller than the pattern called for due to the yarn being thinner, bag is going to be small scale.

Love the cables, this yarn gives good stitch definition!

The three projects together, can you say colors pop?

Please share with me if you have a similar, multi-project personality and tell me a bit about the many things that you work on simultaneously...

Oh, and Happy Memorial Day!


Evelyn said…
Oooh, Erin -- all these WIPs look incredible and your yarn and color choices are spot on. I love, love, love what you're making in the clementine (I still have some full o' sheep in my stash so may just have to make my own nigh duck bag!). And your "splurge" on Madelinetosh is well deserved -- after all, we knitters should always feel worth the good stuff with all the effort and time we put into our projects. And you will wear this sweater for years to come. I'm starting three new projects -- the shirred shrug for my daughter (as a dance coverlet), the citron shawl for my friend to cheer her up, and a scarf/shawl as a thank-you teacher's present (pattern yet to be determined). Any suggestions for a one skein (190 yds) in angora?
Patricia said…
Beautiful works in progress!! I am working on two sweaters right now. The February Lady sweater for my mother's birthday in August and a Mitered Square Vest for MOI!
Inky077 said…
Love the color choices on your wips. You have a way with choosing colors and yarn that really accent the patterns. I also noticed you have found Quince and Co. Both yarn and patterns are the bomb! Just came back from a visit to Portland - you can buy their yarn at KnitWit Yarn Shop on Congress St. Just bought the colorways for their pattern, Cecily's Shawl. The colors reminded me of all the fog in Maine lol. It was so decadent to just touch and see all the Quince colors and yarns in one place! High recommend a stop there!
Erin_in_Boston said…
Hi Inky, I meant to comment back to you such a while ago, tried to send you an email but it didn't seem to go through. I hope this comment response will show up in your inbox!
I love Knitwit, though I haven't been in since the change of ownership happened. Such a charming shop with walls of fibery, colorful goodness and creaky wood floors to boot. I have an email alert each time Quince and Co puts out a new pattern. I love the layouts and the models are so Maine! I grew up in the great state of Maine and often the pictures make me homesick for the childhood memories made there!

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