Finished Object Friday

I have been plugging away on three projects lately and the desire to start something new is crushing.

I have been steadily making progress on my Nigh Duck bag. I frogged it because I saw too many rows that were purled when they should have been knit, and I moved up to a larger needle. I have used up one skein of the Full o" Sheep yarn that Evelyn sent in the Blog Hub Swap . The second skein is waiting in the wings. I need to go online and order the leather handles that are mentioned in the pattern book. I don't really like how the knitted straps look. This bag may become a knitting tote bag, or my summer accent bag in place of my current leather Coach bag.

I have also been working on the Tea Leaves yoke section and am nearing the section where I will put the sleeve stitches on holders. I have about 330 stitches in a row right now, so it is taking awhile. I love how the Madelinetosh colors flow through my fingers. It isn't a pooling kind of color splash, words fail me in trying to describe how it looks. And my photos haven't captured the color as it truly looks.

My third project is the Manana sweater. I have had it tossed into the timeout corner; I kept making really dumb mistakes. I guess it was a bit of cockiness. The back and sleeves are blocked. The left side is done. The right side, well, I kept ripping out or tinking back. Finally I said, done. You wait till I have time where there are no distractions and we will start at the beginning.

I plan to get photos of the work as soon asa the sun is bright enough this morning.

If you'd like to view other FO Friday projects follow this link to Tami's Amis .


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