Oooohhh we got new laptops!

I am a lucky girl, being employed.... and being employed by a district that just rolled out new laptops for teachers. I am now typing on my brand new MacBook and I predict it will allow me to ramp up the blog in many new and tech forward ways!

As my blogging friends so kindly commented on my last post.... I too believe that when one door closes, it opens you up to many new opportunities. I spent yesterday in the company of my work family, for the last day of the 2010-2011 school year. I won't detail the hijinks, but there were hijinks! I felt loved, affirmed, and appreciated, and as so many of them reminded me, I will be working just down the street.

Buddha smile 

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So, on the first day of summer vacation, I headed out at 6:45 AM to go to a workshop where we were given brand new Macbooks. I love Mac platform, but there are so many new features, it will take me a bit to utilize some of the cool features. Trust me.... it will be an asset in my blogging.

Now I need to schedule some knitting time..... happy Buddha smile crosses my face, mellow summer to enjoy until summer school starts on July 11.


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