Why knit?

I haven't posted here in a while... I have been so busy at work with end of year chores and celebrations.

We took our class to Special Olympics, they went canoeing with Access Sports on the Charles twice, performed first in the school talent show singing a farewell song from Dirty Dancing... "We've had the time of our lives" and yesterday was field day. Not much packing and cleaning up has been able to be accomplished. On Thursday our fifth graders will have a "Moving On" ceremony (aka graduation).

If you've been following the blog, you might recall that I am no longer going to be the teacher of the K-2 kids with intensive special needs. The SP ED department has reorganized and so I was out of a job, but no fears.... I will be working in a similar program down the street at the high school. The tough part is weeding through 13 years of lesson plans and supporting materials, emptying files and taking only what will be necessary in my next job. I am a pack rat and this will be a challenge to leave things behind or toss them into the trash. I am also sad to leave the team of talented teachers and paras that have been with me over the years. Sad days and so much to do.

So why the title of this blog?????

One answer might be, just sit and knit when it overwhelms you... this I have been doing, but there has been no power knitting and my projects continue to languish on the needles.

Black Sheep has a list of good reasons to knit here .

Interweave gives a good blurb on why you should consider knitting a tote bag here.

Knit because you want to make something.... even if it is a garter scarf! That is pretty much how we all got started, right? If that seems too boring get a circular needle and make some hats, you will find it to be soothing, rewarding, and productive.

Knit because it has become the cool thing to do. So many under the age of twenty and thirty have taken up this age old craft and you should see what they are making! It is exciting and refreshing to view new approaches and techniques.

Knit because your friends are urging you to give it a try. They can aid you as you get started, they can guide you as you choose a second project, and help you through the mishaps that might cause you to quit if you were working in isolation.

Knit because Bob says so! Do you know Ravelry ? .... Wait , you've never heard of Ravelry?! Please sit down while I make you a cuppa tea and tell you about what you've been missing! Free patterns, pictures of projects that other have made, resources to guide you to yarns, shops, designers and other reall people who might have similar interests  to yours. Bob is Ravelry's mascot, many of us incorporate his name into common expletives such as , What the Bob, Oh my Bob, Holy Bob... you get the idea.


Patricia said…
Sounds like life is in session for you! Good luck on your new teaching position. In a previous life, I taught grades 3,4,& 5. Even after reinventing myself and going into private industry, I still could not bring myself to throw out bulletin board materials and teaching aides. Just never knew if I might need them again!
Regarding why knit...your post reminded me of something that I observed last week. I was taking my 95 yr old mom to the retinal specialist for her eyes. While sitting in the waiting room a very elderly man came in with thick glasses, using a walker. He settled into a seat, pulled open his cloth carryall bag and pulled out...knitting!! I loved it!
Evelyn said…
What a great post, E! Yes, you are absorbing all that is happening to you at the moment and I admire how you are looking back while looking ahead. Kudos, girlfriend. And "why knit?" indeed. I couldn't imagine life without knitting but it's nice to acknowledge why we (should) knit ... and I love Patricia's story about the elderly man!
Erin_in_Boston said…
Patricia, I love the image your post paints in my mind. I can just see the gentleman and can imagine the delight his bag of fiber must bring both as a distraction and as a project to focus his energies on. Thanks for sharing this.

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