WIP Wednesday

This is a post about a work (or in my case "works") in progress. The participating members of the group from Ravelry's Blog Hub each describes a project they are currently working on and then link it back to the main group . That way we can all see what others are making, and be inspired.

So, I am working on my Baltic Tea Leaves and I am at the part where I have 13" of stockinette to do, oh my Bob! But it is easy TV or commute knitting. I am still stymied by the right front of my Manana . I have frogged back to the beginning at least three times. I think the problem is cockiness. I know I have all the other parts of the sweater finished and blocked, this should be a piece of cake right? Well, I just don't follow the directions to  a T and then I'm in the frog pool! I even wrote the directions out line by line, since the paragraph format messes me up. So I hope that maybe I will be able to lay this baby to rest in a FO Friday post, but I do need to seam it as it isn't an in the round sweater.

So, I really have been wanting to talk about all of the WIPs that I have in my head and in the bookcase next to my bed. I have been acquiring more yarn lately, both at my favorite LYS, Windsor Button and on eBay. I have all of these beautiful skeins waking me up from REM sleep as they call to me.... "Start me first!"... "NO! me!" All that elbowing and jostling to be first in queue is quite distracting. (See what sleep deprivation does to a girl?) Also...  on a slightly separate note, I would like to suggest that it might benefit the budget if eBay had a three bid limit before shutting you off until the next pay period! Too bad that only happens when you've had too many beers and the bartender shuts you off.

eBay purchases.......
I scored some beautiful Louisa Harding knitting books. The photography and styling is so stunning. Now to see how well I can match her patterns to a yarn that will get me gauge. One ebay shop was selling three for $14.00 and I got Venezia for $8.99.

Ten skeins of Bristol Yarn Gallery Ashton in a rust color for $33.80. I hope to turn this into a second Wendy Bernard Favorite Cardigan .

Nine skeins of Berroco Vintage for $40.99. Not sure what this wants to be, but the Bernard Custom Knits book is where I am perusing at this point. 

Six skeins of Louisa Harding Ca d'Oro in Navy.

I think we need a day in the week for beginning a project. That might help keep me from casting on to swatch each new skein I get. What could we call this day? Wanna start a new group? (As it is I am on the blog HUb way too much, my Ravelry visits are suffering!)

How about "Making a New Start Mondays"? Seriously, any of you who are more talented in the poetry area, help me out here!

So for a list of my potential projects that keep me awake at night...
1. Parkhurst using Classic Elite Yarn, Silky Alpaca lace
2. Favorite Cardigan  using Ashton yarn
3. Inversion Gansey using Berroco Linsey
4. Geranium using Classic Elite yarn Katydid

There are more, I will add them and photos of new yarn in the PM.


Patricia said…
Very ambitious!! I have never bought yarn on Ebay...I will have to check that out.
Erin_in_Boston said…
It is dangerous, that is all I can say. I get so I sit and keep looking for deals til late at night. Good luck!
Inky077 said…
Am very enamored of any Louisa Harding pattern. I made a very beautiful toddler's lace bottom dress, and it was stunning. I even used a wash and dry, cheaper than I normally use yarn and still stunning. Simple chic, but with a nice elegant touch. I won't say it didn't take a lot of concentration, but I was also recuping from surgery and who knows? Maybe it was the after-surgery meds lol. Good luck on choosing - so many possibilities, so little time!
Erin_in_Boston said…
I have always loved the LH yarns that my LYS carries and never seem to find the "perfect fit" (for the yarn) pattern unless it one LH has written. The yarns don't seem to be easy for me to successfully substitute in other patterns. You are right when you say the directions take some focus! As for the books, the deals on eBay were too good to resist. I know they usually cost around $18.00 at the LYS.

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