The day after July Fourth

I am so in need of a group blog assignment today, but it isn't WIP Wednesday nor is it FO Friday and I missed the Squee Sunday... there is always next week right?

I have this funny difficulty with transitions... I am not at work, yet I don't feel like I am on vacation either.

We had our last day of school a week ago today. I had workshops on Wednesday and Thursday, and then there was this funny stretch of weekend space. I don't feel like I am vacation mode, because summer school, technically, starts tomorrow.

Over the holiday weekend, I had knitting time... I finished the body of my Tea Leaves cardigan, but my love for the work has diminished. I feel like it should be done by now, and so I feel like I have lost my knitting mojo. I began working on the sleeve and because I am working with Madelinetosh, I am switching skeins every other row to avoid funky pooling. The thing is, my technique for doing the switching needs some polishing, the underarm seam is not pretty. I know how I am, I must rip back, but I don't want to redo...

The Manana sweater languishes in the basket because I think I made a mistake and so it too might need to be ripped back.

The delicious Louisa  Harding yarn that I got such a sweet deal on from eBay has been taunting me.... "Yes, you swatched, but will the sweater you plan to make end up being to correct fit?"... I have such trouble trying to substitute yarns successfully. I was listening to Nevernotknitting's latest podcast where she interviews Isolda Teague. She has a new book out called Little Red in the City. It has a number of sweater patterns, but more importantly, she talks about the info that I need right now. How to get a sweater to fit, how to substitute yarns, etc. Should I order another book or is that procrastination?

I am eager to begin a new project but I also want to be able to post two FOs on Friday. Stuck, stuck, stuck. What do you do when this happens?


Patricia said…
Not unusual for enthusiasm to "wax and wane!" You can knit a pair of fingerless gloves in one evening...and you have two days until Friday! :-)
SimonSimple said…
Take heart! In every slump there is a time when you will come out the other end. This is a good even if the topic is about your 'in between' feelings. I'm sure a lot of bloggers can relate.
Evelyn said…
Keep knitting, E! We all reach this moment in our knitting and frustratingly, we probably reach it multiple times over the course of our knitting years. Rather than let your frustration grow, you should pick up a "cleansing" project and knit a tried and true pattern or something small'ish. And when you're refreshed, go back to your cardi and give it some love! xo

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