Squee Sundays!!!

An image of the Miller's daughter from the story Rumplestiltskin. 
Image taken from http://theforestwitch.wordpress.com/2011/02/05/rumpelstiltskin/

I have been chronicling my efforts to wrap up two sweater projects lately, and the pitfalls that have delayed my progress..... but today I am so happy to say that I was able to devote the day, uninterrupted, to sitting and enjoying my knitting. Everyone went out to the beach or pool and so I had the house to myself and there were no interruptions!

I finally finished my Manana sweater, blocked it and began pinning to sew later today. It has an 8 row repeat waffle stitch border and I frogged so many times because I couldn't tell where I was and made mistakes. Today, with no one stopping me, I was able to finish the right side and I can't find any mistakes. I guess I am a process knitter after all.

I am in a Classic Elite Yarn (CEY) Knitalong contest at Windsor Button.  I need to submit photos of my finished sweater for the drawing of a gift basket, and my odds of winning are better than usual because so few of us are competing. I believe there are around 10 of us submitting our entries!

$100 Gift Basket for Classic Elite Yarns Knitalong
Photo taken from Classic Elite Yarns blog page.

My other reason for being in "Squee" mode (as if being home alone for a day wasn't enough) is that I cast on a new sweater. It too is from CEY and I just picked up the yarn on Friday. I really do feel like the character the Miller's daughter, in the story Rumplestiltskin.... (you know her... she was locked in a room filled with straw and she had to spin it into gold).

As I sit in my room,  I am surrounded by recent yarn (sweater quantity) purchases. I keep promising myself that I will not get anything new until I make up the projects that are queued next to my bed, but you can tell the hoarder side of me is winning!

 I am working with a cotton ribbon yarn, Katydid, in a soft brick color called Carmine. I am making a simple cardi top called Geranium. It is from CEY pattern pamphlet Summer Flowers. I did the sleeve first so I could confirm that the gauge was good, and I have about 8" done. It is an easy stitch pattern so far- garter, stockinette, and seed stitches. I do think I will need to make the pattern a bit longer than shown in the photos. If I make it as shown, I'm afraid it will cut me in half and not be as flattering.

So SQUEEEEE Sunday! And now I am ready for my WIP Wednesday posting; so many projects will open up once I finish Tea Leaves cardi. Midway through one sleeve now, with second sleeve and button band to finish, maybe for FO Friday I will have it posted!


SimonSimple said…
Good Luck with the contest!
Amy said…
Thanks for reccing The Civil Wars! I like them a lot :) I will actually be going to the Newport Folk Fest..but on Saturday only, so I'm sad I won't get to see them on Sunday.

Good luck on the contest! The basket looks pretty sweet :) I am the same way with yarn...I buy yarn for queued projects but then my next project is something different and I need to buy more yarn. Ah, well...
Evelyn said…
What a perfect day and I love Geranium -- it will look so great on you! Squee indeed!
simplesavvy said…
Hm... I stopped by to tell you that I'm using the Peace Wool you sent me in a new colorwork project and I love it. Post will be coming soon! But in the meantime, the Classic Elite Yarn Knitalong sounds like fun -- good luck!
Mrs H Knits said…
I long for a day like that...best wishes for the contest, awesome prize.

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