Squee Sundays #3

I have been so busy with summer school and exhausted from the heat that I haven't posted a thing since last week! Wow? Suffice it to say that there have been a number of things that have been joy inducing....

Erica is a new knit designer and she has a number of patterns that I admire.
My favorite is the Elstar capelet.

I got the new phone and have been Tweeting more, which leads me to my squee story. On Thursday I got a Tweet from Erica, Hank on Ravelry. Erica lives in the Netherlands and I got to know her through the forums on Ravelry, as she responded to a question I posted last spring. We got to emailing for a bit and I enjoyed our conversations but life got in the way and we dropped off in our correspondence.

Fast forward to the Tweet. Erica, out of the blue, sends me a message that she would be in Boston and wanted to join me at my knit group. OMG! But I don't have a knit group, as much as I want to be in one, I don't have that circle of friends that I meet with and knit. What to do??? Well, I knew that Stitch House has a group that meets every Friday; Annissa always invites me to come but I never seem to get there.... so I suggested that we meet at Stitch House Friday.

This yarn shop is such a welcoming and creative place. I have been going to the shop over the past 2 or 3 years and I always leave feeling uplifted and inspired.  When I arrived, Erica was sitting with Claire and Valerie and telling of her recent pattern submissions to two knitting magazines. She got emails of acceptance on the same day, and this was her first attempt at applying! Wow! I want to get to that point someday. Designing and getting published, wow! So one design is a gorgeous jacket that is fitted and styled to look like a retro 40's garment. I can't wait until Winter 2011 to buy Interweave magazine and flip open to that page!

She also described her experience of doing the TKGA Masters level one knitting. This is something I have only lightly looked into, but I have heard people explain that it is the best path to acquiring techniques to a level that will assist you in pattern design and more complex knitting in general.

As the conversation ebbed and flowed, more knitters arrived, and wine, and cheese and crackers came out. The level of hilarity increased and the topics of conversation whirled about, touching on men, plastic surgery, full moons, and the challenge of selecting the best username for online accounts.  I sat there wondering at the fact that I have been missing out on this for too long. Drinking and knitting and laughing! Sounds like the perfect end to a Friday to me!

Another friend invited me to an event that was so much fun! About two weeks ago she asked me if I liked Huey Lewis and the News, and would I want to go the see them at the Pavillion, an outdoor venue for concerts along the South Boston waterfront? I love live music and so the plan was on. We had drinks at Whiskey Priest, then walked over to the venue. Slices of Regina pizza, cold beers and an ocean breeze set the tone for the night- yummy, invigorating, and summer memories in the making. The band was energetic and the music was great. Even though the music was from the past, it was great fun, there was dancing in the aisles, and hootin' and hollerin'. What a night!

I had set a goal for myself to get out and do some new things this summer.... I successfully accomplished that goal....I have had a hectic and enjoyable week, and there was knitting involved! Yay!  

Also, as I often try to describe to non knitters, it is exciting to think of how Ravelry can put you in touch with someone on the other side of the globe or even at my LYS. I met wonderful people that I think will become friends.  I have been trying to facilitate this for a while.... I just needed to go there and look what happened!

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Amy said…
That capelet is absolutely beautiful...and I'm in love with the jacket it's worn over.

Im glad you had a good time in the knitting circle :) I love my weekly one I go to..it's a great way to relax and knit
witchyknits4ewe said…
WOW!!! What an amazing time you've been having!! I"m so jealous! Her designs are beautiful too!
Inky077 said…
Ditto on Amy's comment!
And wow, I have been looking into the master knitter program for the same reasons - getting my technique up to snuff and maybe, just maybe, going the whole route. I don't know if I have the nerve or the patience, but I'm thinking about it... Hope you do, too! It would be nice to have someone to commiserate with...

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