WIP Wednesday

 Work in Progress Wednesday

I was whining yesterday about how I had lost my knitting mojo.  I have been working on my Tea Leaves cardigan off and on and frankly I feel like it should be finished by now. But life interferes, the ending the school year and leaving my work home of the past 13 years brought drama and exhaustion. The heat of summer does make working on a wool sweater a bit of a challenge. But I feel like I have been working on this for such a long time and since it was my birthday gift to me, back in March, I guess it should be done. If you read here often, you know I can be kinda ADD and suffer from startitis.
I have 80% of my Manana sweater done, but that has been in the timeout corner too.

 Here is a Photo Booth shot of the sleeve. I hope the true color will shine through.

Another side view, the trouble I was having with laddering is now resolved and the seam area where I was swapping skeins doesn't show, but now looks much better! Thank you Chelsea and Magic Loop!

So over the weekend, I finally cast off the body of my sweater, after 13 plus inches of stockinette. I began working on the sleeve. The woman I bought the Madelinetosh from urged me to alternate skeins every two rows to avoid funky, stripey pooling. This was easy enough to do while working the body of the sweater; I changed skeins at the end of a row. The problem arose while working the sleeve in the round on DPNs. I got to about 5" inches into the sleeve and I did not like the way the seam area looked; there was laddering, and the picked up skein yarn on alternating rows looked so messy and amateurish.  But I had such high expectations that this project would be a post for my FO Friday that this stalemate left me feeling bereft. I couldn't bear the thought of ripping back, again. It went to the timeout corner and no knitting happened. I was so blue.

Thank you to Evelyn, Patricia and SimonSimple. These blog friends gave me encouragement, hope and advice. I felt some relief from the loss of mojo! But the true person to thank was a woman I met today at one of my favorites yarn shops.

Image taken from http://www.stitchhousedorchester.com/
 Stitch House 
846 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02125  
(617) 265-8013

I stopped into Stitch House today and hoped that Annissa or one of her knit wizards could help me rectify my dilemma. Annissa was busy with her summer camp sewing girls. Lucky for me, Chelsea came in to work and after a conversation with her, I tried doing the sleeve using the Magic Loop technique. Viola! Success! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Chelsea also shared with me that she writes a blog for Classic Elite Yarns.... I am in awe and, jealously, wonder at her ability to land such a sweet gig! If you are a CEY admirer, there are some interesting posts to read. I need to go back and explore the post about Tonia Barry, the designer of the Manana sweater and the Nigh Duck bag, two of my more recent projects.

So my WIP Wednesday project, might, just might be my featured FO in a few days! Oh yay!

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SimonSimple said…
I'm happy to hear that you have recaptured your mojo! I had faith that you would! Looking forward to Friday!
Erin_in_Boston said…
You know it is funny how hanging out in the yarn shop just calms me down. i didn't really look for yarn because I have so many projects already lined up, but I grabbed some DPNs and started doing an example of the sleeve/ yarn switch-e-roo to show the knitting helpers. I looked through one of the knitting books they had on the table and I relaxed. It was great because I wasn't at home and so no one was going to interrupt me, ask me to drive them somewhere, make them lunch or generally complain with the standard "Are you knitting again??"
They invited me to go to their Friday knit night, and I have free time this week, so I will probably go. I do love to be around people who love to knit.
Patricia said…
Good for you, Erin! Sometimes the only way to get over something is to go thru it! Ha! Congratulations on the Magic Loop. I am working on first pair of fingerless gloves in the round and was going to use DPN's but I feel so awkward with them. Then I tried the 2 circular needles approach and kept picking up the wrong needle! Finally I tried the Magic Loop technique with a nice length circular and it is working. What joy when it comes together! I can do this...I can do this! Nice that you found some knitting friends. I am still intimidated by knitting shops. I just kind of lurk around the periphery.
Inky077 said…
Chiming in on the magic loop mania! The magic loop has been my silver sword in the stone of knitting - I feel invincible with that method lol.
And Erin, being a regular RIF school baby from Washington, DC area before my magazine editing days, I can tell you that the feel of moving on to something different when you like where you are can invigorate you in a way you never dreamed possible.

Also, I will now have to visit the Stitch House, next time I'm off-island. That place looks and sounds phenomenal.
Michelle said…
Hooray for finding solutions! Your LYS looks incredibly inviting! And, did I read correctly, there's sewing there? EVEN BETTER! Add coffee to that mix, and I might have to move East to partake!
Evelyn said…
...and that is the BEAUTY of our LYS, right?! So glad you're back on track and even learned something new. I have never attempted the magic loop but really have always wanted to. You have to teach me!!

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