Blogs I have found lately!!!!

The sign said "Pasteurized Turkeys". The man next to me asked, "how do you pasteurize them?"Answer: they have free range over the pastures and fields of our farm.....
These beautiful tomatoes made me think of.... yarn. Such a gorgeous blend of hues.
I woke at 5:45 AM in my tiny cottage, and I debated strolling on the beach, lacing up sneakers for my 3K walk, or getting down to business with my Geranium cardi, which has snafus. I chose the knitting; no distractions and no interruptions. I was having difficulty joining the body to the sleeves and maintaining seed stitch in proper form.

After getting that squared away, I left surreptitiously and headed up to the center of town in search of coffee and WiFi. I turned in to a farmer's market and strolled through the tents of about ten vendors. I bought the lovely tomatoes which I hear make delicious sauce. I will have to take more pictures of them before I slice them up.

I am leaving you with some links to click on for fun, beautiful, or unique blogs I found this week.

Do you love lady bugs????

Island Life

Designs, how-to photos and great energy

Beautiful photos, 365 days

Fashion and edgy photos

I lurve cooking

In the spirit of simple living and de-cluttering

Repeat after me.... I want to be here. Great images, exciting fashion, yummy plates of numnums

Photo collage with unified colorways. IDK how else to describe... go look for yourself!

So I sit in Scarborough Grounds, sipping a yummy latte, topped with fresh ground cinnamon. I sit here with no small amount of see I am a bad mom... there is no WIFI at the beach and only 1 bar of phone service. My name is Erin and I am an Internet Addict.

I am grateful for the service I get at home. I may be here much more sporadically that will be good for my nerves. !!!


Also forgive me..... The format is not very fancy today.... I need to get back to the beach and toast the Apple Pie bread that I bought as a means to assuage my guilt at leaving two napping noodles, unaware that mom had flown the nest in search of caffeine and wireless.


Evelyn said…
Great blogs, Erin! So happy that you are at the beach, enjoying much deserved "you" time and time with your kids. Latte, early mornings, knitting, beach -- enjoy each and every second. Can't wait to see your WIPs as they progress. You're right in that I was having my last pot of coffee before leaving the lake yesterday and am now back home. Happy cooking and knitting! xo
kateknitsocks said…
Those are gorgeous tomatoes. Apple pie bread is making me hungry too.

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