Finished Object Friday 49

 While away on vacation, I jumped around to all of the projects I brought with me, so I have only one FO to show you.

This is size small. Cropped and snug.

I think this photo shows the color the best. I made two buttonholes at the top; pattern calls for one.

I like the increases in the sleeve, not too much bell, but neat stitch pattern.

This is the Geranium sweater from the Classic Elite pattern booklet Summer Flowers. I enjoyed making this sweater and it was a fairly quick knit. The pattern was easy to follow and there were enough features to keep it from getting boring. I just wish I could teach myself to knit continental and seed stitch would be quicker to do.

The only drawback on this project is that I really, really should have measured myself and then compared the numbers to the schematic of the pattern. When will I become wise? I will probably frog this and make the medium, too much money spent on yarn to hand it off to one of my girls who won't wear it all that much.

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pentalia said…
Very nice! I love this pattern, and it's so sad that you'll be frogging it. I guess you can't add rows or panels to the front opening edges or to the bottom/sleeve hems? You might even be able to open up the under-sleeve seams and add gussets.
Patricia said…
The sweater came out beautifully, but I understand your frustration with the sizing. I just finished a Braided Cable Cardigan with a frustrating pattern. No schematic with measurements and I felt like a bat flying blind. is too tight. At least, I don't like the model in the picture when wearing it. It takes courage to frog an entire sweater. What yarn did you use with this?
Erin_in_Boston said…
Hi Patricia, I used Classic Elite Yarns Katydid, a cotton ribbon yarn.
I just downloaded Ysolda Teague's eBook Little Red in the City and I think the solutions to my problems are in it. I will be blogging about it today. Really worth the money!
erin said…
I love the look of the sweater! it is sad that you're probably going to frog it, but I agree with you - it's definitely better to frog something for the yarn if the finished object isn't going to be worn/used. I've done it myself and while it pretty much always sucks, I think it's worth it in the end - especially when you go from that soul crushing feeling of having something too small to having something just right. good luck!
Erin_in_Boston said…
Hi Erin, I am not too sad about frogging because the pattern is now familiar and should go fairly quickly. It's all about being able to wear what we make right? I have learned the hard way that not only is swatching pivotal, but the matching of your own measurements with that of the pattern schematic bring about success and contentment. Some day when I grow up, I will aim to be a master knitter; until I get there I am a grasshopper in training!!

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