FO Friday 8.12.2011

Ok, I am submitting these items under a technicality. They are finished. It's just that they have been finished for a while and I never had success uploading photos. So in the spirit of FO Friday here goes.

Is there a statute of limitations for posting FOs??? If so, please be kind, as I have wanted to document these and share them with anyone interested in listening to my description of the projects, and the yarns, and the patterns.

The first is a project I made for  friend who often shops at yarn sales thinking of me as her personal knitter. Ok, yes, she does compensate me for my work, but I am not always as dedicated to completing the big projects when I won't be the one enjoying the wearing of them.

Thanks to Cath, my model for these two FOs.

Finished in January 2011 

This vest can be turned to reverse side and the cables show better when folded back.

This is the vest shown right side out and cabled edge is not folded over.

Finished in May 2011

Favorite Cardigan
Finished in April 2011

Tang in Oregano
Finished in February 2011

Falling Water scarf
Finished in February 2011

Would you like to see more blogposts of other FO Friday work? Check out Tami's Amis here.


erin said…
you're awesome. first of all, all of those knits are gorgeous - and isn't it awesome to have someone else to model knits for you? I think it's perfectly fine to wait to post about FO's... I've even waited a few weeks/months until I have semi-decent pictures to simply update the project to finished on ravelry.

and also - my photo blog gets a small but steady trickle of visitors but no one ever comments - thanks so much for all that love! =)
SimonSimple said…
No such thing as too late. These are so gorgeous. I love you work, i would wait years to see if because it is always pleasant to see and read about what you were up to.

Thank you for sharing.
Calophi said…
Really digging that vest with the big belt! I wouldn't have thought of wearing something like that.

I have a few old FOs that I've been saving for when I have a lull in FOs. and I posted one of them a few weeks ago - the modified fingerless gloves. It's never too late to post them!

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