Saturday- what projects to knit on over a two week vacation?

Saturday, the real start of my summer vacation!!!!!

I am packed, the fridge is cleared of fodder for future smellies, and I have a PILE!!!!!! of things to sift through and decide on. What I mean is- my bag of projects overflows with more supplies than any woman worthy of the spinner's role in Rumpelstiltskin could complete in two weeks with little sleep and no wave jumping......  what WIPs to take with me?

Where is my Ravelry advisor when I need help weeding out????? (As Evelyn was packing for her hiatus from real life, she emailed me with pleas for assistance in choosing the yarn/pattern/needles to pack for her car knitting). I would pester her for similar advice, but alas, she is probably sipping her coffee from the final pot before packing up and heading home. What would Stephanie Pearl-McPhee do?? Oh wait, she was going to Sock Summit, and that is different from vacation!

Higgins Beach
I will be at my favorite location on the planet, precisely a tiny cottage with a magical screen porch where creativity and bliss have been channeled in the past. I have been going on vacation to this same beach since I was 16! My kids have so many happy memories of building sand castles, playing games on the low-tide sands, fighting over the fastest boogie boards, and making trips to Wednesday donut breakfasts at the clubhouse. Today there is a craft fair that I hope to go to before it closes down at 3PM.

I am posting a link to the live web cam that even gives you night vision shots of the beach. The camera is located at the section of the beach where the surfers congregate. I hit this link it at sunrise or sunset for breathtaking views of golden hued rays blessing the swells each day.
 You can expect beachy photos for the next 14 days friends. (Oh, if anyone, and I mean anyone, thinks they will have at my stash and supplies because I have vacated the home nest...... be forewarned, we have two cats on patrol, a housesitter, and the knitting mojo gods to watch over the multitude of  "potential sweater" skeins picked up on eBay).

KnitWit Yarn Shop

247A Congress Street
Portland, Maine 04101
I will be hitting a number of my favorite LYS and shall send you all the news of the samples, inventory, and my favorite part.... the creative energy that abounds when I enter these places. I plan to hit up Knit Wit for some stash enhancing Quince yarns, and my eyes will be peeled for the many knitwear designers living in the Portland area.

Wait a second.... did I hear someone say "What is Quince and Co?????" If you haven't heard of this yarn or the designs you need to go to their website and checkout the patterns. Sign up for their blog emails. Every time I see the latest pattern, I want to add it to my Ravelry Queue. When I scroll through the variety of yarns, I want to get baskets full of the hues they offer. The yarn is so soft, the colors are beautiful, and the various yarns are named after birds. Please take yourself to this link and let me know if you fall in love.....

Oh, so very exciting!! Have I convinced you to pack a bag and meet me somewhere in the general vicinity of Old Port???????

So enough tourism hoopla... do you wanna see what is vying for space in my new knit bag? ( I was so very pleasantly surprised to receive this bag from a fellow vision teacher at the summer school! Thank you Nancy!!!!)

Some beach reading.
Geranium Cardi
Boneyard Shawl

Whisper Cardigan

Cascade Ultra Pima Que Sera

Inversion Gansey

I know, I know.... too much right? I need to select fewer projects, even if I only aspire to dabble in the swatching and stitch practice. And I know the odds of my going into any yarn shop and leaving empty handed are slim, so I should leave space for those potential endeavors. And yes, I am going up with kids and expecting company, so I should TRY to be realistic right? (The child in me whines..... "But Why????").

Leave me a comment on what you would do.... and be quick, we plan to get on the road by 10am!!! LOL


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