Squee Sundays #9

There are so many things that I can say "Squee" about right now, but to save you, the reader, from too much homework, I want to limit it to one topic.

First, I did mini yarn crawl with my old friend Debbie. Deb and I lived near each other during our middle school years and we got reconnected via FB last summer. We have been able to pick up and maintain our friendship and it is a good thing. Debbie called me and proposed a drive up the coast to Bath and Brunswick to check out a couple of shops.

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We stopped first at Purl Diva in Brunswick.
I loved so many things about this shop. It is situated in an old home and the renovation work brings out the best features of hardwood, trim details, flowing space, and beautiful walls of yarn displays.  They have a beautiful hardwood yarn swift that made me drool with envy. There a a number of nice spots to linger for knitting or instruction, and the place was neat, organized and most importantly, inspiring. I wish I lived closer so I could drop in a meet the local knit group. I really should have taken some pictures, then you could lust after this spot with me!

(BTW, I just perused the blog and saw that they will be launching the Coastal Knits book written by Hannah Fettig, of Knitbot and Alana Dakos, of the Nevernotknitting podcast and blog. I have been following these two designers for a while now. I never miss a podcast. I feel like Alana's podcast is the knitter's equivalent to the Wall Street Journal. I have learned of new and upcoming events, designers, yarns, and general happy info by listening. Please give it a try. I usually knit as I listen to the podcast downloads on iTunes.)

Purl Diva has an extensive supply of yarns but I love that they carry the Quince and Co yarn line. This line of yarn is made in New England  and is worth reading up on. The shop had a beautiful Quince and Co "look book" to peruse the patterns this exciting company has been generating.

The woman working that day was friendly, helpful, and easy to chat with. I asked a question about learning to knit Continental style and she shared how she achieved this goal. She told me she worked on shelter animal blankets for the WendyKnits challenge years ago. "The animals never noticed my mistakes or uneven gauge!"

She also brought out her current WIP, a sweater made of Quince and Co red colored yarn. I wish now that I had made note of the pattern, I must lurk on her blog and see if I can find it. It had a number of interesting stitch patterns and looked like a quick knit with heavier wool and size 10 needles.

While at Purl Diva I picked up these two items. I resisted the siren's call of the Quince only because I have promised myself to knit down the stash I have acquired through recent eBay shopping.

Cascade 220 Sportweight

I had to have this magazine after seeing the cover shot. Gorgeous coat!

Halcyon Yarn, Bath, Maine
The next stop on our trip was a short drive away in Bath. We went to Halcyon Yarns to check out their classes. Debbie wants to take up crochet and thought this might be a good place to get help. The shop is large and well organized but a bit overwhelming. They have many aisles of yarn, roving, and weaving supplies. They also have one of the most extensive collections of books I have ever seen in a yarn shop.  There were a number of beautiful displays that were inspiring.

At the entrance I saw a number of these scarves and fell in love with the stitch. The yarn was lightweight and had a beautiful, collapsible hand to it.  One area had a number of felted hats. They also had a stash of mohair that I continue to crave. The colors were so pretty, there was a batt of an aubergine and green color that I especially coveted, but I need to have the pattern first.

This hat is a pattern that was out of stock but it will be a gift item for the Christmas stash for sure!

Central Yarn Shop, Portland, Maine

Boboli, a blend of wool, acrylic and rayon. The color was irresistible.

Berroco Ultra AlpacaThis yarn is squishy and great to slide through your fingers as you knit. The color is a navy with strands of red, purple and darker blue tones woven in.
Later in the week I visited the Central Yarn Shop in downtown Portland. It has been in business for many years and the family still runs it. I walked in on a Sunday morning to find the owner, his wife, and a friend chatting and knitting. I browsed around listening to the commentary of the gentleman who told of the days when he drove a tractor trailer down to the mills to get their inventory. His gentle persuasion led me to purchase a pattern and yarn to make this moebius scarf.

I did not get to go into my favorite yarn shop, KnitWit. Next visit :(. If you are in the area, go in and check out their supplies of yarn, patterns, and needles. The help is very friendly and welcoming. You will be inspired to pick a project for sure.

So that's it for Squee Sunday. I am so very sad that my two weeks at the beach has come to a close, but oh so very happy to have access to the internet again. Squee!!!

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Napiligal said…
I love doing yarn crawls when I'm in a new area. Love finding yarns that I don't see at LYS's at home. I did 8 shops in Tacoma in March and came away some really lovely yarns. Recently we were in Astoria, Oregon and visited a great shop. But, like you, I am committed to knitting down my stash. I have enough sock yarn to last at least a year! Luckily our next trip is to Maui in September and there are no longer yarn shops on the island.
witchyknits4ewe said…
How cool that you not only reconnected but have knitting in common!! Looks like you had a great time!
Calophi said…
Wow, that's a hefty squee post! Looks like you had a lot of fun! =D
Evelyn said…
Yarn crawl ... I want to do one with you, too!! xo
Kathleen said…
Some of my favorite Maine yarn shops! We have a cottage in Bath, so I can walk to Halcyon when we are up there. And I try to get to the Wednesday night group at Purl Diva - the group, and Ellen the owner, are lovely. Next time you're in Portland, you should get to KnitWit and Tess Designer Yarns.

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