Squeeeeee Sunday 8.8.2011 Boooooooks

In my perusing the Google Feed I found this blog and it has inspired me to keep trying to downsize and streamline my home. The name of the blog is 365 Less Things and she has a set schedule you can follow to break this task down to a one day at a time success story. I would really love to clear out my clutter, but it is a challenge because there are four of us living under one small roof and we are all collectors of one sort or another.

Another source of streamline inspiration is my yarn swap partner, SimpleSavvy. Her posts makes such sense to me, and because she is lucky to have only two roomates, one with four legs, she has been much more successful at living the mantra of "less is more"!

Hello readers.... I mean this in more than one way.... thank you for following me here and thank you for your feedback. I love your comments and some of you have become friends as we continue through email the conversations that find their genesis in our common interest in "yarning".

I also say hello to those of you that collect books, either on purpose or because you are an adopter.... I can't enter my local library without rescuing a book from the box left out front. You see I live in a very upwardly mobile, young urban professional, eco-friendly, and recycle oriented neighborhood. I have found recent Oprah reads, cookbooks, and classics in that box. So consequently, my poor home is over run with tomes that are stacked here and there, waiting to be perused. Yes, there are still navigation pathways, and none of the stacks reach the ceiling, yet. LOL! I want to share with you an outlet for my collecting. It involves money. Yes, keep reading.....

I have found a way to generate cash from all of the books that I have finished or no longer need. My kids went to Catholic high schools and each year we spent exorbitant sums on textbooks. Some years we passed them on to friends, sold them at school, or gave them to the book recycle bin at the mall. Then I got savvy.

I opened an Amazon account and I have a bookstore online. I called it BooksinBoston and it began with the extra stacks of school textbooks. I generate an average of 80.00 in sales each month and some months are more lucrative than others. It is seed money for my yarn obsession and it rescues books from going to the shredder.

Getting started may seem daunting, but if you'd like to dabble in this, I urge you to try it. The Amazon site has a blog, customer help, and FAQ tabs to assist you. You start a listing by entering the ISBN number, selecting a condition descriptor, (as in brand new, good condition, etc.) and then you move to the next screen where you can review the other listings of the same book. At first I found pricing the most challenging element. I try hard to be realistic about condition and then I look for pricing of the same condition. If I want to move things from my shelf quickly, I price a bit below the average. If you poke around on my listings page you can see that I give details about the cover, that fact that it is from my collection, and from a smoke free home.... all of these notes seem to help generate interest. I urge you to try this venture, in the name of streamlining, simplifying, and sharing books with others readers and creating a stream of income for future S.E.X. peditions. (Stash enhancing expeditions).
I have a few sales of interest to share with you....
I sell books from my course work in grad school, my classroom, and from donations my family and friends have made. One set of books was left to me by a teacher who left for an extended maternity leave.  The book was a Physical Therapy book for positioning young of children with special needs. It wasn't all that impressive, it was in a three ring binder, and I was guessing I would price it at around 15.00. Then, as I did my condition and pricing search, I realized that there were few books listed and they were priced at 135.00! I ventured in and listed the book at 85.00. In less than two weeks, I sold it! Another book that surprised me was an illustrated book about the creation of the Disney movie, Bambi. This was from a donation box to my classroom library but none of the kids ever looked at it. So it was listed and sold for 28.00 after some competitive bidding between a New Yorker and an interested party in New Zealand.

I also have a great brick and mortar store that I take books to. It is in Arlington, MA center and is called the Book Rack. The people there are great, and the dealio is that I can bring in books and they pull the ones they want to sell in the shop. I get a percentage of the cover value which I use to either buy other used books (I get to use my credit towards 50% of the cover cost, the rest I pay cash for) or trade $100.00 credit for $25.00 cash that can be used to buy books or order new ones. I tend not to buy much other than knitting or cookbooks if they are unique and I absolutely can't live without them. I have given a few gift certificates and bought one great book called Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. So I am trying to declutter and reap a few rewards at the same time!

To close, I have to share another book related squee. I love to read, but I love to knit more. I have found a solution to the two pastimes competing for my attention. I listen to recorded books. Currently, I am listening to Life as We Knew It.  I picked it up without noticing it is a Young Adult book, but the concept of the story was strong enough that I gave it a go anyway. I am enjoying the journal format and the resourceful strategies of the single mom and her three kids. It gets me to pondering our nation's lack of preparedness in the face of a natural disaster, and the luxuries we have come to expect in our daily lives, such as electricity, well stocked grocery stores, community infrastructure and gasoline priced fairly. (The mom even takes up crochet to fill her evenings with productive handwork.)

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SimonSimple said…
This is a wonderfully informative post. I also tend to have a lot of books lying around and recently I have started to pass on a few to people.

It is interesting to discover the value of books and I think it is good to prompt ourselves to live with less.

Great post.
Calophi said…
Books are a great reason to squee! I'll probably have a couple like that, since I always have an audiobook and a physical copy going.
Napiligal said…
Thanks for the idea! I need a way to support my fiber addiction!
Patricia said…
I enjoyed reading this post as so many "themes" resonated with me. I, too, am a book lover. As a "Friend of our local library" I have volunteered to screen their book donations and sell "high-value" books online. For the past three years I have sold books through Amazon and through www.half.com. (The later is part of ebay but just the book sales for listed prices...no bidding) I prefer half.com because they take only a small commission. Then the profits are given to the library. However, I am easing out of this job as the threat looms that Amazon is going to ask for my SS# and send a 1099 for tax purposes. I cannot claim this book sale income as my own and pay taxes on it. Thanks for the blog links.

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