Super-productive Saturday seeking simplification

In the hopes of purging junk that we don't use, don't need, don't like.... Kaela and I spent the day clearing out two cabinets in the kitchen There is still much more to do, but here are the before and after pix.

12 PM 
Pantry closet, emptied and getting a fresh coat of paint.

 This is just some of what came out of the broom closet/pantry.
7 PM
Pantry with shelves restored and only small appliances and spices. Ok, tea cannisters too.

Pantry relocated to a small cabinet under built-in china cabinet.

China closet is the next task.... clean out cabinet, paint, reline shelves, toss some stuff. I'll keep you posted. Oh, I have to add, the entire day I reminded her that I would much rather be knitting!


napiligal said…
Good Job. It can't always be about knitting!
SimonSimple said…
That is something I have to work on as well. Getting spaces cleaned out and organized. It is still a FO if you have managed to complete something!

Good job.
Patricia said…
I am impressed!! Last time I did that I made a note to self..."No more impulsive purchases of gourmet sauces!" Something about organizing an area always give me the ILLUSION that I actually have control of my life! :-) Two weeks ago I organized my stash...same nice feeling.
Inky077 said…
Can you come to my house lol?
Vivianne said…
Oooh well done ! I am ignoring my pantry :-D

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