WIP Wednesday 8.10.2011

I have so many aspirations...... I have a number of works in progress and they frustrate me, so I cast on the next idea. When I hit a wall that usually calls for frogging, I have a hard time jumping into that pool.  I will try to tell this story more in photos than in words. My Sunday Squee post has me over the weekly limit for verbiage.....

My Tea Leaves has two finished sleeves and is ready for knitting the button packets at center front if..... (and that should be an IF in CAPS)..... I could accept having one sleeve two inches tighter than another. :< 

Here is the sweater; it looks fine right? Well, I tried it on and sadly discovered my mistake.... bleh.
Here you can see the difference more clearly, though the hue is darker than in real life.
The view of the mistake from another angle; the issue that had me starting my next project, Geranium.
I know I must frog and begin again after counting the first sleeve for stitches, but I was so close to finishing. I need Dr. Freud to decide whether I do this subconsciously as a way to delay the separation anxiety from a project..... I really don't think it's that, bad follower of directions more likely.

So in my snit and bad humor.... I cast on my next sweater, Geranium in CEY Katydid. 
Image from CEY/Ravelry web page, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/geranium-5.
It has been a nice project to knit while commuting nearly an hour each way to my summer job, teaching 3-5 year old kids with vision impairments. I could mindlessly knit away in the morning and afternoon and not mess up. The problem arose when I had to join the body and the sleeves, and maintain an even seed-stitch routine. Seed stitch always makes me stumble. I have ripped back to the three components of sleeves and body, I am checking my stitch count and marker placement, and should be done with it by Friday, if I can get past the insufferable angst of "Oh shooot, I did it again".

Body of Geranium, folded.
Flat view of Geranium
Geranium Sleeves

The sweater is so nice and great for summer, and so I will plug along, hoping against all pressure to complete it for FO Friday.

Swatch in Cascade Heritage, midnight blue
Swatching in Cascade Heritage Solid for Hannah Fettig's Whisper cardigan. This is tricky knitting for me, as I have only ever tried doing a few socks with this weight yarn. Tension is an issue.

Derry made with Manos del Uruguay Maxima yarn
Wait, I hear someone whispering... but that sweater is finished.... why a WIP???
I  finished it back in April and I love this Derry sweater, made from Manos del Uruguay. The problem is the pooling. I have been advised to over-dye it, but I bought the yarn for its color. When I made it, I failed to alternate skeins to avoid the pooling that often occurs with hand-dyed yarn.
Derry cowl

Details on sleeves is so pretty.
This may be the project I bring with me on vacation. The pattern was not that hard, I can see me getting a good portion of it done over my stay.  Any advice from the readers? Do you think it looks like fatigue print? My kids are always telling me not to wear it out of the house, in cooler temps of course...

Christmas Runner for Maureen
This WIP goes back to 2010 and I am not really working on it, but I post about it here to light a fire under my butt to get it done. My friend Maureen often gives me yarn and projects to make for her. This yarn is something she picked up years ago and she wanted a runner for a table at Christmas. Don't really like the yarn, the pattern is pretty simple, with applied I-cord at the edges. I came up with that finish detail after making a number of Jared Flood's Quincy hat last fall. (As I type this I am thinking, even though it is simple, I could put this runner up as my first pattern.... squeee!)
How old is this skein??

Sky blue Berroco Linsey yarn, swatch for Inversion Gansey
The final entry as a WIP is also a swatch. I love the cover sweater shown in 2010 Fall Interweave Knits. The Berroco Linsey yarn is a blend of 64% cotton and 36% linen.
Another shot of Inversion Gansey swatch.
Thanks to my new phone I have been able to finally get pictures up and I no longer need to pull from Ravelry and yarn vendor pictures... yay!!!I am still trying to figure out how to upload to Flicker. 

If you are inclined, please leave me a comment about what you see, encouragement is always appreciated. Inky, Patricia, and Evelyn are great at restoring lost knitting mojo here.... thanks friends.


Patricia said…
You are sooooo ambitious! I am in awe. I love the color of the Geranium. I have three WIPs at the moment, but I can sense my addiction growing. I go to knitting groups and then I want to start something new. Thanks for your comments on my blog. And I also like the tweets of real birdies!
Karen said…
Everything looks great! You've got to finish Tea Leaves. It's a beautiful sweater and you'll be able to wear it so much come September and October.
SimonSimple said…
You are doing so much difficult stuff. I'm inspired! Good job and I hope you don't get discouraged too much, mistakes do happen, but your result sin the ends are very beautiful.
erin said…
you've got a lot of stuff going on! good luck with the whisper cardigan! I've been working on the wispi cardi for a reeeeally long time, and I can't seem to get myself to finish it! maybe when I see your progress it'll inspire me =)
Inky077 said…
Again with the great yarn and color choices! You must teach this concept to me, Great Master. :)

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