Work in Progress Wednesday 55

Hellllooooo!!!!! Still at the beach, and I found a weak but working connection, so I will try to summarize what has been happening while away on vacation. I have really, really missed being here, on the Web, to read blogs and to record my exciting discoveries.
Higgins, looking towards the southwest.

But.... I need to start with a disclaimer..... I am on vacation at the beach, in my favorite, oh so most favorite place on the planet, and I have to qualify my response to the question.... How's your vacation????
Vacation is good, I am enjoying the beach, reveling in visits from family and friends, getting tanned and reading some good books. We have gone out for a few meals, we forayed into the Walmart experience, we went into Old Port and had an awesome meal at Flatbread Pizza, but something is missing.....
A taste of local flavor, summertime at Walmart, Scarborough, Maine.
This two week stay away from the urban setting was: won through scrouging and penny-pinching, highly anticipated, greatly dreamed about, very deserved after 5 weeks of working summer school, but disappointing.

 Why? Well, this is the transition year at the beach that my parents warned me about. The year that one of the four of us was absent for some number of days, the year that we weren't all under one roof, at the beach, curled up with a book as the rain tapped on the roof.
My oldest is back at home, slaving away, and we miss her presence so very much. I pray that next year we can all share at least four or five days straight, ensconced in this rustic bungalow, sipping hot coffee on the porch, and planning the day for sand dollar searches and boogie board competitions. To me, the beach, The Judith, (our little, rustic cottage) and Higgins are all about family.... and being together. I have to stop now, me is getting homesick for my daughter Number 1.

Sorry for the drama, but it is who I am and I need to vent I guess.

Now for my WIPs. I have many!!

Sleeve of Que Sera; the sun casts long shadows in the early morning of late summer.

I cast on  the sleeve of Que Sera in Cascade Ultra Pima, red, and I am in love. This has been in my queue since I bought the yarn specifically for this project, in March 2010. I was daunted by the lace stitch and afraid to start for fear of quitting because it was too hard. I am enjoying the stitch and it is not too hard, but I dread the thought of tinking back in case of a mistake, I will have to rip and begin again. Can you say lifeline??

I took this photo on the screen porch of the Judith at about 8:30 in the morning. Such long shadows.
I have two skeins of this Noro color and wonder how huge the shawl might be if I just keep knitting?
I cast on Stephen West's Boneyard Shawl using Noro I picked up at Stitch House. Such an easy knit and I do love watching the waves of color set themselves up. I wonder about how the garter stitch border will play out, colorwise?

This took some getting used to, I had a hard time with tension and gauge because I am not used to laceweight yarn.
I cast on another shawl, Parkhurst, more of a lace pattern, and I am stuck!!!! I need help figuring out the chart now that I am in the part of the design that is not garter stitch. So far I have yet to cross paths with anyone up here who has a clue what I am talking about. I need  my LYS and help!! It sits and calls to me, but it will have to wait for reinforcements. Bleh. I do have to add that I love the yarn and the colors. At first I had trouble maintaining gauge with such fine yarn, but tension is getting better as I go.

Thanks to my mom who helped me ball this yarn by being the "old-fashioned" kind of yarn swift, two helping hands.
This colorway is navy with fibers of deep burgundy and purple.
The next WIP is one that I cast on Sunday. I visited Central Yarn in Portland and was reduced to a helpless kitten while under the helpful and friendly cajoling of the shop owner. The gentleman has been in business for many decades; I think he said they got their start in the 40's. He acted as  bit of a tour guide as I browsed, and his kind interest in me paid off; I ended up buying yarn and pattern for Omega Wrap, a moebius shawl in Berroco yarns of Ultra Alpaca and Boboli. The colors in the Boboli were irresistible, hues of silvery blue, teal purple and navy. The Ultra Alpaca is gorgeous and worthy of a sweaters-worth purchase... note to self.... The color is predominantly navy but there are threads of burgundy and purple tracing through it. I bought the supplies thinking it would become an early entry in the Christmas box of gifts I try to accrue, but the more I work on it the more I think I want to keep it for me.
What do you think of my alternative to blocking pins???
I wish the photo could capture the sheen of the Boboli yarn.

I have a couple other things I am swatching, but those pictures aren't all that exciting. Can't seem to get gauge for Whisper.... drats
 For more inspiring WIPs, go here and look.....


Marushka C. said…
so many wonderful projects underway. i love the Que Sera picture on the sand. i hope the rest of the vacation provides some happy times, despite not having all of your loved ones there.
Nicholette said…
Wow. The Que Sera looks gorgeous already. I thought of making that once but decided it would be too much work and I'd never have enough yarn... you're making me think twice! And the yarn you picked is not helping me!! (ha!)
Spinster Beth said…
Enjoy the beach! Lovely red yarn you picked out!
Your Que Sera is so pretty! What a cute pattern. Parkhurst is another nice pattern; I especially like it in two colours as shown on the pattern page!
Evelyn said…
I hear you, E! We managed to enjoy two straight weeks of family vacation with both kids and it was a true gift. I didn't take my oldest one's presence for granted for one second. I hope coming home isn't too blue ... I'm sure you'll be so happy to have both girls with you again. As for your WIPs -- you rock! Love all your choices and can't wait to see more. Miss you!

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