FO Friday

I have started at the new job. I have unpacked about half of the gear I brought from the old job, and have almost no storage for the rest of the stuff in boxes.... oh no! I love my classroom, I really like my kids and my support staff has been great. I will put up a picture of my view next week; last week was too rainy for photo opps.

I have one FO for today and I hope I can keep up the posts as the month progresses, but the demands of the job may not help me achieve that. I finished Stephen West's Boneyard Shawl, using Noro Kureyon Sock yarn.


Amy said…
Very spiffy :) Love the rainbow striping.

Good luck with your classroom :)
Holly said…
Really stunning!! I love self-striping yarn, it gives you all the perks of multiple colors without all the work of weaving in ends!
Karen said…
Stunning shawl! I love the colors.
Evelyn said…
I'm so glad that you like your classroom and all is going well on that front (even if it means you don't have much time for knitting). Beautiful FO -- I've never knit with Noro before but have heard so many great things about it. xo

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