This is just 1/3 of the flags that were placed at the base of the Monument.
Looking up.

She so wanted one of those flags, and couldn't comprehend why there were so many and no one could take one.

A view of the Zakim Bridge looking towards Monument Ave.

The Bunker Hill Monument was covered with over 3000 flags in a way of commemorating those who were lost 10 years ago.

Today, in the same area, there is a movie being filmed. Just one shot of the sweet ride they are using.

Photo taken from The Charlestown Patch.


Hand2Heart said…
It's Ryan Reynolds on the left!!!!! I'm sure you can become a paparazzi now... ;-)
Amy said…
Is it sad that I recognized Ryan Reynolds before I even finished absorbing the rest of the picture? Yum. Love him.

9/11 always makes me sad...part of the reason why we went to the land of no cell phone service, no cable, etc this weekend. I'm from Long Island (about 30 minutes outside NYC by train), and I remember 9/11 very vividly. I was in my senior year of HS, and the road right by my school we walked to at lunch and turned west towards the city and you could see the black smoke burning.

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