Squee Sunday #10

Squee Sunday #10

I have had a busy August, I was away from the city and any handy WiFi signals, and thus I have so many things I would have blogged about, but had no upload opportunity. So here is a bit of what has been exciting me lately.

A few weeks ago, on a rainy Sunday, the girls and I visited Borders, one of our favorite bookstores in Portland. They were having a ridiculous sale and I scored two beautiful knitting books for a few dollars.
This book is rather avantgarde at first look, and though I love the styling and photos, I was not sure it was me. Then, I found a few patterns that changed my mind. The book was only 5.99 plus 40% off and I rationalized that if I were to knit three things from this book, I would get more than my money's worth, right? (Any rationalization will work when knitting is involved!)
Here are links to the three that I loved initially... I grew to love many more as I revisited the pages.
Corrugated Asymmetrical V-Neck
Yoke Vest


Borders had this book priced at $29.95 with 40% off.... a bit more pricey but so worth the investment.
This book is a riot! The authors have such a great sense of humor and genuine voice in their writings. I was chuckling as I read, and the kids were looking askance at each other.... "Knitting is funny?"... eye roll, shoulder shrug...
I have a pile of green mohair that might be cajoled into becoming Belinda.
The other must have is the Daily Sweater, a replacement item for those sweatshirt wearers.

The other "Squeee" for me this past week was that my favorite LYS,  Stitch House, was having a 40% off sale on Cascade Yarn! I got Eco+ in Teal and Cascade 220 Heathers in a pumpkin tone for two upcoming sweater projects. I also picked up some yarn for Xmas gifts for my sisters. (Spoiler alert.... news to follow, just in case you are reading my blog Steph, Mare, and Jackie....) I love the Heritage Silk and plan to make a lace work scarf. I also got some Ultra Pima in buttery yellow and some Cascade 220 Heathers in blue for another gift. The last batch of yarn that I picked up is Filatura di Crosa, Fancy Tempo for the Dummy Clap scarf I am making for myself. I was drawn to the color because it made me think of the aged, knotty pine paneling of the Judith, our beach cottage getaway.

I follow Kate Davies' blog, Needled and have loved reading about her life, her challenges, and her designs. She blogged about a colorwork hat last week, which had me enthralled, but intimidated... I never have ventured into trying color work.  (You must click on the link to this design, if only to drool and chant "I am not worthy").  Her sample piece has such a beautiful array of colors and an intricate Fair Isle design. So, since I am "asceered" of trying colorwork at this point, I was checking her other patterns and found this pullover that is so sweet and a "must have".
Warriston, by Kate Davies

I also spotted Gudrun Johnston's Levenwick in the Wool People collection of patterns that Jared Flood has collected.

I follow Gudrun on Twitter, and was pleased and bit surprised when she posted that her sweater design was a top item on Ravelry's recently released patterns! I guess I find myself in good company!

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Calophi said…
Loop d'Loop is definitely a book I want to have! And lucky on the cascade sale!
Evelyn said…
Awesome scores, E! I may have to borrow your Loop d'Loop book for the Corrugated Asymmetrical V-Neck pattern. That is a gorgeous knit.
Erin_in_Boston said…
Evelyn, I love the looks of this sweater, but when I check Ravelry project pages, it doesn't look very flattering. I wonder if it is just due to a skilled photographer, or more a poor match of yarn to project. It isn't very slenderizing :(

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