Squee Sunday #11 I'm a guild member!!

After over a year of being a lurker at these events, I finally allocated grocery money to joining the Common Cod Guild.  I am proud to become a member of this group of creative knitters, crocheters, spinners, and designers. I plan to go to a board meeting later this month to see how I can contribute.

I took this at about 7:10 PM. Loved the golden lights behind the grid facade of window frames.

This is the rear of the Arts Center. Love the whimsy of brick, glass, and metal facade.

On Friday I went to MIT to hear Annie Modesitt speak about No Wrong Way. She was hilarious in her storytelling, and inspiring in her accounts of overcoming self-loathing because her style of knitting was so different from the norm.

Photo from http://www.commoncod.com/ website
Some quotes from her lecture:

I think knitting is fabulous, it brings me joy and peace.

We think we knit to make things when we actually knit to make ourselves happy.

We as a culture have lost our sense of rhythm. But if you knit or bike or garden or pray, you understand the need for rhythm.  It's the rhythm in the knitting that helps us get in tune with ourselves.

She shared a great tip where she uses this bind off technique to put stitches into hibernation instead of using the traditional stitch holder. The stitches remain springy and ready to work with an easy unravel.
Knit 2 tog tbl, put back on left needle (assuming you are a right handed knitter... if you are a lefty do the opposite), knit 2 tog tbl, continue in this manner to place stitches on hibernation or as a castoff technique.

Confessions of a Knitting Heretic

I splurged and bought this book hoping maybe it will lead me to the speedier stitch rhythm that I crave.

As I walked to the Kendall T stop, this display of huge cancer cell images stopped me in my paces. Here is the Boston.com mention with more info.

Go here to see some beautiful photos of the patterns included in this book.

My other Squee is that I have pre-ordered Coastal Knits, by  Hannah Fettig and Alana Dakos. I love both of these designers and have been anxiously awaiting the release of this book of patterns from the East and West coasts. I was pleased to receive two free patterns in the transaction, plus coupons worth a discount when ordering patterns from their websites. checkout this sweater! The pattern was one of the freebies.
Rocky Coast Cardigan

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Calophi said…
That sounds like a pretty inspirational book. I'd love to hear more of what you think of it as you read. :)
witchyknits4ewe said…
Sounds like a great time! Congrats on the guild and I'd love to hear more about the book too...
Evelyn said…
Your involvement with the guild has already paid off in that I can feel how happy it's made you. Thinking about buying the Coastal Knits book, too, and you just may have tipped me over to getting it. xoxo
Inky077 said…
Wish I didn't live a ferry boat ride away, or I would so go to those awesome meetings - they get the best speakers! Will have to be satisfied with the local fiber folk meetings here.
Annie said…
You were SUCH a delightful audience - I really enjoyed my time with the Common Cod!

Thank you for your kind words, and for the lovely description on your blog - it's so sweet of you!

Patricia said…
I can think of nothing more wonderful than a knitting guild gathering on the MIT campus! The event sounds great and I am sure your membership in the guild will be very motivational for you...as if you needed more motivation! :-) Very nice post.

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