Squee Sunday #12

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The first thing I want to share is in regard to one of the blogs that I read. Kate Davies writes  Needled, and I love reading her posts, and viewing her patterns and her photos, but today's post was very interesting. You see she has all of these boxes of books that she needed to do something with, and as I read the page I happened to click on her link to a post about winnowing out her shoes. The girl has some style in her choice of outfits, shoes and accessories. I was only able to read a bit but I want to return and read more. I wish I knew where she found such gorgeous things. I love love love this coat!
Image from Needled, Kate Davies.
Warriston, one of the sweaters that I have queued, is by Kate Davies, but until I get through some of the following, my queue must wait.

This Squee post is also about the Tea Leaves cardigan that I have had in time-out since early August. The reason I feel like it qualifies to be a Squee topic is that I finally got the gumption to rip it back and start again. And I might add, I decided to use a new technique instead of DPNs or a circular needle; I went for doing both sleeves in the magic loop method.
Tea Leaves Cardigan by Melissa Le Barre. 

I had the body was complete by the fourth of July.  I finished the sleeves about three weeks later and did a little dance thinking I was close to being done. As the girls on the Stash and Burn podcast so often say, "Yay!!!"

Then I tried the sweater on and realized that one sleeve was a good 2" wider than the other. I wasn't able to bring myself to frogging until yesterday. And then, as I frogged and wound the balls up, I thought... I should do both sleeves. Yep, both sleeves have been frogged and now I have cast them back on and I am doing them magic loop style so I will get uniform decreases.
One sleeve is much wider than the other.
I blame it on being cocky! I thought I was just sailing along, and never tried it on until I had cast off. I got the length by holding one sleeve up to the other. You'd think it would have been apparent then right?
The only scary thing is, I am not alternating skeins to prevent pooling. I am hoping that it won't be an issue. I am aiming to finish this by September 26. It isn't a random date, but it is 6 months since I bought the yarn as a birthday gift to myself.  It will be 4 months since I swatched and cast on.
Ok maybe NOT the best picture... sorry, but the sleeves are on one Knit picks circular needle.
This Tea Leaves cardi needs to be done so that I can finally enjoy wearing it, and so that I can get on to the next frog job.

New England Knits
This sweater is from the great book New England Knits. There are so many beautiful patterns and photos in the book. Check it out the next time you visit your LYS or bookstore.

Derry sweater by Cecily Glowick MacDonald. Yarn- Manos Classic
My Derry sweater is so warm and I love the softness of the Manos yarn. I choose the color because the skeins made me think of end of summer grasses. The problem was I did not know about the practice of alternating skeins of hand-dyed yarn, and the color came out looking like fatigue pattern.

My kids have been saying things like. "Uh.... you're not wearing that out of the house, right?" So the frogging must be done.

The pattern includes this cowl, which gives you the option of wearing it as a crew neck sweater or a turtleneck.

So, this isn't a typical Squee post for me, but I am excited to bite the bullet and rework these two sweaters now that the fall weather is here. I am hoping my concentration will lead me to successful FO  completion soon.

I am motivated to get these done as I want to be able to shop (relatively guilt free) at the Stitch House's fourth birthday sale next week. I have promised myself that I will only pick up sock quantity this time, as I have about six sweaters queued, with yarn allocated.

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Calophi said…
Congrats for gathering up the muster to rip your sleeves!

I LIKE the "fatigue" pattern in your other sweater, though.
Patricia said…
I left a comment early but cyberspace must have eaten it! I recently discovered the magic loop technique and am using it to knit some fingerless gloves for Christmas gifts. I cannot imagine how to knit two sleeves simultaneously on the magic loop!?
Erin_in_Boston said…
I wasn't sure how to set it up, so I looked for a Youtube video where they put two socks on one loop. I had the two sleeves with the picked up stitches on two needles and then combined them onto the one circular. Not sure if the words make sense....I'll take a picture and add it to the post so you can see what it looks like. I did use a marker to differentiate the two sleeves and I think I will use locking stitch markers when I make decreases so I can count the rows between decreases as well as use a row counter. I am not always diligent about counting rows....
witchyknits4ewe said…
Congrats on frogging - it is so painful to do!! The pattern is very pretty!
Lissa said…
Oh, the frogging must be so painful. Thanks for sharing, though -- it's a positive lesson on a difficult subject.

Can you point me to your favorite resource for magic-looping? It's a technique I'd really like to try, but I haven't found a class on it yet.

And I'm excited to see another post that includes New England Knits. :D
Amy said…
You're going to be so happy that you frogged those sleeves and re-started :) Just keep the end results in mind when you get frustrated.

Also, I noticed you're using the Harmony Wood circs from KP...how do you like them??? I think they're pretty and have toyed with the idea of getting some.
autumngeisha said…
Frogging is never fun, but you are going to end up with two beautiful sweaters so it will be worth it. I have always wanted to try knitting two sleeves at once using magic loop. It just seems faster and you are assured of identical sleeves.

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