Versatile Blogger Award

When did I become a knitter?
Ok .... listen to this... I was lurking on Bloglovin and some of my favorite friends' blogs and realized I had been nominated to receive the Versatile Blogger award!

Evelyn writes the blog  Project Stash
Evelyn, a friend since we participated in the Blog Hub yarn swap, nominated my blog for "my honest expression and the friendship we have developed". Thank you, thank you, thank you, Evelyn!

The way this meme works is as follows:
Nominate 15 blogs that you read, admire, love, etc.
Recognize the person who nominated you in your blog ( you might want to email them so they realize they are recipients)
List seven things about yourself.

There are so many blogs that I have been following, so I will do my best to detail why I nominate them-
  1. First, I need to acknowledge Evelyn for nominating me, thank you so much.  But even more, I want to show appreciation for her as a penpal on Ravelry,  a cheerleader,  a partner in commiseration and a conspirator in casting on more and more projects! I look forward to opening my Ravelry account to see what email awaits me.
  2. Patricia who writes the blog Life As I Live It. I admire Patricia for a number of things but first and foremost for a post she wrote that moved me so deeply. It is called I am an Etruscan Sarcophagus.
  3. Christine of Simple Savy is another friend made through the Blog Hub yarn swap. I admire her quest for spartan living, her eloquence in writing about a number of interesting topics, and her beautiful photos of her apartment.
  4. I enjoy reading Inky077, who writes Urban Mouse to Country House. I appreciate her kind and encouraging words, her love of family, nature and color, and her comments on so many of my posts which encourage me to continue writing. We hope to meet up some day and share more stories and WIPs!
  5. Calophi for starting Squee Sundays on the Blog Hub, and who writes Rip it Good. Thank you for giving me another reason to try and post on another weekly topic.
  6. Erin, who fills her blog Project 365- 2011 with daily images. I forget now how I found her blog, but I was entranced. Here is one of my favorites.
  7. Thanks to Alana at Nevernotknitting, for her blog but even more for her podcast. Listening to her is like the knitter's equivalent to reading the Wall Street Journal. Informative, cutting edge, but warm and fuzzy.
  8. Andi, of Untangling Knots  for her innovative design, fun videos and beautiful knit work.
  9. Ysolda Teague, author of Little Red in the City and designer of lovely patterns.
  10. Amy Christoffers of Savory Knitting, for her delectable patterns and her "great snapshots of life" blogposts. You have to read her entry about the floods in Vermont.
  11. Kate Davies, of Needled. She writes of challenges faced, surmounted, and overcome in a way that makes me want to be more "in" the moment of my own life. Casting on Warriston this week! Yum!
  12. Lovely Cluster the pretty blog, for the color and design ethic that calms and inspires me.
  13. Smitten Kitchen, a great foodie blog.
  14. Black Eiffel, a beautiful photography and travel blog.
  15. We Heart Yarn for the wonderful, colorful, and inspiring images of WIPs and FOs.
Seven things about me: short version
  • I love the sound of surf, smell of salt, and sights of Higgins Beach, Maine.
  • I knit obsessively, to the disdain of my kids and coworkers.
  • I am a kid at heart.
  • I was an Art History major as an undergrad.
  • I have spent WAY TOO MUCH money on yarny goodies this year!
  • I try to live a life of gratitude, love, and appreciation for the small gifts in life.
  • I have painted the rooms of my home in vibrant hues found in old stained glass windows.


Patricia said…
Erin...what a creative blog post. It is a gift to readers, to be able to click on all your links and visit these interesting blogs. I am honored to be mentioned as one of your "favorites." As to your 7 things about you...none of them surprise me. I have never met your personally, but all those attributes are very evident in your blog, which tells me how authentic your blog is. I want to be like you when I grow up!
erin said…
thanks so much for the nomination!! you probably found me through my other blog which is, and I'm really honored that you chose me! I love everything you shared - especially the thing about painting your rooms the colors of stained glass. your house must look amazing!
Calophi said…
Thanks so much! <3

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