WIP Wednesday Episode 58 9.14.2011

Tami's Amis
I wasn't going to put up a post because I am still knitting away on my Dummy Clap and my Omega Wrap. Should be done, but work and life gets in the way. I just picked up two more skeins of the Fancy Tempo so I could make this more of a pashmina shaped scarf.

Dummy Clap

Filature di Crosa, Fancy Tempo, color #4
Omega Wrap
I fell in love with this moebius when I went to Central Yarn Shop in Portland, but now I am not loving it so much. I am thinking I will complete it and try wearing it before frogging. I am not convinced that this pattern showcases these skeins well enough for the investment I made. The total cost of the yarn was $35.00 and the pattern was $6.00. I really should have skipped on the pattern because it is so simple, but the persuasive salesman won me over. I love love love the Berrocco Ultra Alpaca and the Berrocco Boboli. It might just not want to be a moebius.....

So quickly, here is what I am planning to cast on soooooon.... I hope I hope I hope.

Warriston by Kate Davies
I have been following Kate Davies blog, Needled, all summer and I love the voice, the topics and her patterns. She is an inspiration to me. I got some beautiful teal colored Eco+ at Stitch House's cacade sale. Soon to be swatched I hope.

Lewenwick by Gudrun Johnston
Gudrun Johnston is a sweater designer who lives in  Western Mass and has a great website called The Shetland Trader. There is just something about her style that I am drawn to.

I first spotted this sweater when Jared Flood's/Brooklyn Tweed's The Wool People collection was released this summer. I love cardigans and the edge of this sweater keeps it fresh and edgey. I have some Cascade 220 Heathers in a red orange color.

I am reading through Annie Modesitt's Confession of a Knitting Heretic and I plan to give you some high points in the next day or two.

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Karen said…
Your clap and wrap are lovely. I once knit a moebius scarf. The real pleasure of it was wearing it under a jacket. It laid so nicely up against the body. I bet you'll love the wrap for that too.
Patricia said…
Very nice projects. I have never been a fan of the moebius, but I find the concept clever. Found Annie Modesitt's book in our library inventory and have put in a request for it. I am currently reading a light, humourous novel..."Needles and Pearls" by Gil McNeil...young widow moves to British village and takes over her Gram's Knit Shop.
erin said…
Warriston and Levenwick are both at the top of my to-knit list as well! I can't wait to see your versions of them!
Lissa said…
Oh, I *love* that Warriston pattern! My current sweater has heavy detail (on an otherwise stockinette) at collar, hem, and cuffs -- I'm particularly drawn to it atm.

Nice work!

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