WIP Wednesday #60 9.28.2011

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Today is not so much about what I have OTN. I am still working on the sleeves of TeaLeaves, and have about 10 more inches to complete on my Dummy Clap. I have swatched some Manos for the Spoked Cardigan and I am resisting starting anything else because I have a knitting class scheduled to begin in one week. I will cast on some garter and stockinette sample squares to inspire whomever shows up, and then I plan to tempt them with cotton washcloth squares. So any knitting I do will be along those ambitions.

So I have updated my WIP, and now I want to tell you about a new Interweave magazine that was released today. It is called Knit Wear and the cover features the design of a Ravelry acquaintance I met last June. (Here is a link to her blog.) I blogged about our experience here. I discovered this new release through the twitter feeds.
Do you Tweet?
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Amy said…
I tweet :) Though, I think having my tweets set to private limits me in fully engaging with the twitter community - but I don't like the spambots on there :(

I will have to look for that magazine...I love the item on the cover!
Kathleen said…
Wow, how did I miss hearing about this publication? I do tweet @kathleendames but haven't gotten into a rhythm of checking tweets (ditto for FB these days).
Lissa said…
Oh, how beautiful! I think I need to buy that magazine.

Also, I tweet (@expetesso) and would love to talk Knit via Twitter. :D
erin said…
I saw that magazine a few days ago and I (somehow) managed to resist buying it! it looked amazing!

you are welcome to use my tutorial and link to it - in fact I'd be delighted if you would! thanks!

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