Blogtober Fest

Join us!
I have been pondering how to step my blog up to the next level. 
I have been pondering what does that mean? 
What is the next level? 
I have been stymied. 
Then my lovely, knitterly friend Evelyn 
threw done the fingerless mitt and 
challenged me to join her
in this month long event of blogging daily. 
If you would like to join us,
read more at Tinniegirl's blog.

To the more frequent visitors to this page, forgive me for my absence. I have had so many ideas that I wanted to share with you, but as you might recall... I started in a new job this past month.

I now teach at the high school down the street. I have five students assigned, with four staff to assist me. Yes, that is a very high ratio! I have been moving slowly into our routines and daily activities, really much more slowly that I would like, but teaching this group is a departure from what I had been doing for the past thirteen years. Before this assignment, I was responsible for educating children with similar disabilities that were assigned to grades kindergarten to second grade.

Here is a view from my spacious classroom. We face northeast, so I am inspired to get into work ahead of the start of day (7:15) so that I can experience the sunrise bathing the room in golden hues.

I have found this new fascination.... at It is a vast site that is made up of boards created by members, much as you would use the bulletin board at home for recipes, coupons, photos, etc. By joining Pininterest, you have the ability to make a visual bookmark for yourself, and others can view and share what you have found. I was reading my Twitter feed this morning and Casey tweeted about an article about Pininterest. Go here to read it.
Smitten Kitchen's tomato soup with grilled cheese toppers.
I have been sucked into the vortex of viewing the many pages and boards that are found on this site. Are you redecorating? There are inspiring boards with gorgeous pictures and links to products.
Loverly turquoise bath from
Looking for an idea for a dinner party or supper with the family? There are boards displaying new variations on tomato soup or elaborate menus. I knit, (as you are well aware), and I have found beautiful examples of color-work, cables and cutting edge fashion. 
Coronet hat on
Here is what the start of my boards look like. If you'd like to join Pininterest.... leave me a note in the comments section with your email, and I will send you an invitation!

If you are interested in joining Blogtober Fest, go here.


Amy said…
I am hooked on Pinterest too! Man...I waste a lot of time there looking at clothes, nail polish, and hairdos I will never be able to replicate on my own head LOL.

Good luck with the new position :) And at least you have a nice view of the Tobin and not the giant red-white-and-blue tarp covered salt pile over by Chelsea.
Erin_in_Boston said…
Oh, but look again Amy! The large looming dinosaur lumps are actually C'town's piles of salt! Hahaa!
Evelyn said…
Yay!!! So glad you jumped in with me -- if nothing else, let's keep each other motivated to blog each day. As for pininterest, I love it! I haven't created as many boards as I'd like but it's all a work-in-progress. Let's follow each other. xo
Patricia said…
Welcome back...I was missing your blog! Quite a challenge you have undertaking with the Blogtober Fest. I am feeling the blogging blahs! As for Pininterest...I can see how time can be spent here. Please send me an invite.
Andrea said…
I just found your blog through Blogtoberfest!

I LOVE the idea of those tomato soup and grilled cheese in a cup. I love soups/stews/chili all winter so those have definitely made my short list.

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