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A day of wonder, and tired feet...

Tinniegirl, the blogger who set the Blogtober Fest challenge for all of us has an interesting group that posts Messages from the Universe.  I wanted to offer something along those lines for today's post, but I was out of the loop.... no discernible messages. I will keep an ear and eye open and see what comes up. I promise ... Although I didn't recognize any messages from the universe, it was a day full of positive vibes and hopeful energy.

The people I spent the day with had me feeling full of wonder and exhibiting blissful smiles, even though it was a long day, full of exertion with few breaks.

New England Aquarium

My class went to the New England Aquarium. It was a slow pace and we visited the harbor seals, penguins and then hung out at a few of the smaller tanks. Our favorites by far were the colorful tropical displays.

Home and Hospital Tutoring
After work, I walked across town to visit with a five year old who has not been able to attend school due to medical issues. We visited for a bit, and she showed me the homework she had done so far. As I reviewed her work, I made little check marks to show her she had done nearly all of the work correctly.  Then she grew so serious and focused, and I wondered if her energies were flagging. I waited a bit, and then asked her if everything was ok?

She paused, ever so dramatically, ... and said, I need to practice making stars now. So I demonstrated how I do it, counting the points as I came to them. She tried to replicate and couldn't. We worked together for a bit and then... TaDa! she got it. She went on to make herself and a friend, and then mommy and daddy stars. She plans to hang them in her window so she can watch herself dance with the stars.
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Given how fragile her health has been; her stalwart attitude, her exuberance and her precociousness had me falling in love with the energy and positivity she exudes. Tomorrow will be her first day of school. I envision her twirling and exuding little happy sparks.

Charlestown Community Center Activities
I held my second "How to Knit" session tonight. One person from last week returned, ready to learn to purl. The other learner did not show, but we had a newcomer who practiced her style of cast-on successfully and then took up with the knit stitch. It has gone more easily than I thought and I feel like I am infecting them with my enthusiasm for the craft!

So, a tiring but full day, full of smiles, positivity and memories. Have you relished in the connections you made with others today?  What gave a reason to smile that smile of bliss?


Patricia said…
Wonderful thought you left us with...Have I relished the connections I made with others today? My friend, son, Marc. was a good day. thanks!
Inky077 said…
Very poignant message. And you say there were no messages from the Universe! Many things to take away from this post. Thank you.

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