Finished Object Friday #55

I have been like Goldilocks, lost in the woods and I have just found my way out of the forest. Actually, I have just been extremely busy with the new job, tutoring, starting a new "How to Knit" class, and trying not to get hit by a bus in my stuporous wanderings about town!

I must be honest, the content of this post is a week old, but it is still a finished object item, so here goes.

I finished my Brattleboro Hat. I really couldn't resist casting on,  because a number of the blogs that I read have mentioned it. It was a pretty quick knit and I found I loved doing moss stitch. I didn't have difficulty with the decreases at the crown, but that may be because I didn't follow the directions so much as go intuitively. I love that this hat can be a showcase for some of the buttons in my collection from Nana's button jar.
Central Yarns Omega Wrap
Omega Wrap is finally done. As I worked on it, I was always thinking that the yarn wasn't showcased as mush as I wished it to be. The pattern was easy, just rows of knits and purls, almost to the point of boredom. Now that it is done, I do like it and it is so very warm, but I had yarn left over and I wish I had made it wider. Doing that now would require taking the join out, knitting 4-8 more inches and is not likely to happen. The Berrocco Ultra Alpaca really wants to be a sweater.... I have commitment issues, can you tell?
Eyelet Washcloth
Here is a sample washcloth that I did to inspire my knitting class students. It's just a standard cotton cloth using Peaches and Cream cotton. The pattern was easy to do and will give them a chance to practice decreases and increases.

Link to my Dummy Clap project page

Dummy Clap. Dummy being the operative word. Me being the dummy.....I wanted a Clapoti type scarf in the size of one of my favorite pashminas, but knitting on an angle and following those charts intimidated me. So, as I searched Ravelry for patterns using the yarn I got from Stitch House, I found this pattern. I guess in my stupor, I didn't factor in the length that would be added when it was unraveled, now the damn thing is over six feet long! I like it but don't love it. The edges are tighter than the unraveled body and it just doesn't look right to me, So I will wear it until I figure out what other pattern might be a better fit for the yarn. Again, commitment issues.... :P

If you would like to see other finished objects from Tami's Amis, go here.


Evelyn said…
Your Brattleboro is terrific -- it's such a great design and yours looks picture perfect. Your mention of the moss stitch brought me back to a visit I made to a LYS (which is no longer) where the women knitting shared their favorite stitches. One woman was totally in love with the moss stitch while the other woman abhorred it. It just goes to show how knitting is such a personal thing for each of us. Cannot wait to hear more about your "How to Knit" class -- your students will love you!
Amy said…
I love your brattleboro hat! I saw it recently in New England knits and have been toying with it (since I'm a sucker for seed stitch and all) but I really dislike picking up stitches...and that is a lot of stitches to pick up. Yours is really pretty though :D

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