Finished Object Friday #56

Finished Object Friday

My entry for today is a test knit that I just bound off. I don't have any pictures because it is so dark. Hopefully tomorrow I can snap a couple of shots!

This is a shot of the WIP. Colors look pretty true to the real thing.

The Gypsy Turban pattern is by Amanda Steves and there is another version that has been written for those of you who like to crochet. I found it to be an easy to follow pattern, and I learned to do 3 needle bind off at the end. Love how the variegated colors look in this yarn with seed stitch to mask the pooling.

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autumngeisha said…
What a cool looking and versatile accessory. I love the colors that you are using.
pentalia said…
Oooo, pretty! Can't wait to see the final picture.
Patricia said…
I love the blues!
Inky077 said…
The blue is outstanding! Love the twisted turban design. Am anxious to see how it turns out.
pinkundine said…
The seed stitch really works with that gorgeous yarn. Very pretty :)
oh it does look lovely in seed stitch!

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