Good things Thursday... Offered as a FO Friday

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Love Without Language
Inspirational stories and beautiful pictures.
I found this beautiful site filled with pictures of pets and stories of love, devotion, and unconditional trust. You have to go and take a peek.

 I was just sifting through emails and trying to clear away some of the things in my mailbox. I'm so glad I opened and read this one. Knitter's review gives you a list of people's favorite places and links. Here a just a couple of new blogs I've found.

Dances with Wool blog, image imported from
Dances with Wool
This blog has beautiful drawings and makes for interesting reading. Scroll back through older posts until you find adorable pincushions made with a colorwork knitted swatches.

Into the Hermitage, image imported from

Into the Hermitage
I marveled at the detailed drawings on this site. There are haunting images and quizzical creatures. This portrait above is part of a larger work, haunting. Oh, and it's a clock too.

Brewing hope in a teapot, image imported from
Ornamental, blog by Nina Bagley
I have only skimmed this spot, but I want one of her necklaces! They seem to be imbued with magic and revery. Her posts are interesting, whimsical, and grounded in the cluttered reality of creativity.

Inspire. Design. Create. Image imported from

Inspire. Design. Create.
This blog has many how-tos in it. The one that resonates with me is a lamp constructed of teapots and cups and saucers. I will be checking her stuff out for inspiration!

This blogger has stunning photos and great color sense. I had difficulty importing images from her page. Please go visit it through the link.
Pumpkin punch of color cowl.

Swatch Diaries, Carrie Bostick Hoge Image imported from
You know Quince and Co Yarns, right? Carrie is one of their designers, and she releases patterns weekly, if not more often. At least it seems more often. I am jealous of her pattern productivity. The photos are breathtaking and make me homesick for Maine.

Needled by Kate Davies Image imported from
And I've saved the best for last. I love Kate Davies, her blog, her writing style, her reporting of events and small moments from her town, and most especially, her pictures of famous knitters rubbing elbows. You need to click on the link if Fair Isle takes your breath away. Just take a gander at this picture.

Fair Isle swatches,

 So that's all for now. I hope you enjoy clicking and browsing. Maybe post links to your favorite spots.


Inky077 said…
Erin, I don't care if the Boston Red Sox blew it this year, for you, dear lady, have hit one out of the ballpark. The creativity, the links, the commentary - well done! Brava! My creative life will never be the same. Thank you! (PS Last one to knit that Quince & Co, cowl is a rotten egg - tag you are it! LOL)
Affiknitty said…
Thanks for the inspiration!
autumngeisha said…
Love all of your blog suggestions!

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