Have I told You Lately That I Love You???

Blogtober Fest
I am blogging daily, thanks to  the challenge put together by Tinnie Girl. As if my life didn't already revolve around knitting?

Van Morrison, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You.
Video from YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFF1wJN75Z0
I love music and have so many favorite songs,
but this one is in my top ten list.Have a listen.
This song is dedicated to the people who make my life better.
Among them are the following friends.

There are a number of blogs that I read daily and a core group of those people have become virtual friends. I'm sure that if geography weren't a factor, these people would meet me in some cozy spot for Knit Night, they would gather together to celebrate milestones and happy times, and be there with a shoulder to cry on if needed. Please visit their pages and see if you feel at home in their company; I know I do.

Evelyn of Project Stash
Julie, aka Inky007 of urbanmouse, countryhouse
Signora Edie of Life as I Live It
These three people have become friends and pen-pals, and I so look forward to emails or comments they leave on my blog. I have received advice and support, encouragement and laughter from these women. They make me so glad that I started and continued the blog that I began earlier this year.

I am a lone knitter, no one that I know knits or understands the drive that comes with being a rabid knitter. I relish their attention and eagerly check for messages from them. They are one of the reasons that I search for topics to share, breaking knit news, and good blogs to follow.

The Quintuplets
While reading Evelyn's blog I found my way to another blog that I really like. After reading her posts,  I asked AutumnGeisha to accept me as a Ravelry friend. We corresponded a few times and she kindly answered some questions. Here's what I learned.
Tien of Autumn Geisha
Tien has been knitting for 15 years and her mom taught her how when she was nine. At that time she liked making garter stitch scarves, but she put the needles down until after she was finished with college. Since then she has been knitting and hasn't looked back.

She has been a Ravelry member since 2008 and loves to make sweaters, especially cardigans, although she does enjoy making small projects like toys, hats and shawls.
When questioned about her stash,  she shared that she stores it in the typical hiding places, but displays some of the eye candy in baskets around the house. She favors orange, and hues of deep red and gold reminiscent of her favorite season, Fall. A favorite project was Goodale made with Madelinetosh Pashmina.

I asked if she had any good frogging stories and she told me that she had one which was made in pieces and the sewing up did her in. That pile of yarn was knit up later into a top down sweater.
Tim Gunn
Here are three of the blogs that she recommends.
Mooncalf Makes
Itty Bitty Blog

Tien has so many beautiful projects and this one has me thinking about getting ready for the holidays. There are a number of cool items in her project page, go take a look.

The other thing about her blog that really resonates with me is the love for her family and the joy she finds in her home. I could relate to many of the posts about her kids, and she makes me nostalgic for the days when my kids were always underfoot and keeping me company.

Have you ever interviewed one of your favorite bloggers? What did you learn?


Inky077 said…
What a lovely, lovely post (and not because I'm mentioned lol). It really is interesting to visit other blogs - Tien's list has blogs I never knew about, and have awesome pattern links. Thanks for the new resources E! Oh, and I really like the way you put this post together - easy reading, beautiful photos, good links. Not that you need this, but Good Job!
Amy said…
What a lovely post! I am really enjoying your daily blog posts :) What a great, fun blogging challenge!

I'm sorry to hear that you are a lone knitter...I have some friends who knit, but most of my knitting friends I have met through a knitting group, or through ravelry. And some amazing friends have been made through the knitting blogging community!

I've recently discovered Tien's blog through some of the knitting memes, and I thoroughly enjoy it as well...and am looking forward to checking out some of her recommended blogs.
Patricia said…
Another bell-ringer, Erin. I enjoyed visiting the other blogs you mentions...and thanks for mentioning mine (blush!)...the feeling is mutual! I am a lone knitter as well...lone except that my husband is usually sitting in the chair next to my "nest" in the corner of the couch. Actually, I think I perform better when I am alone. When I knit with friends at my knitting guild, I get talking and loose my place, drop a stitch, have to keep re-reading the pattern. I'll do better when I grow up...still a child in the knitting realm. :-)
Evelyn said…
Aww, E, what a great post. What I love about it is what I love about blogging and Ravelry -- that we keep growing as a community and that our passion for knitting (and all that goes with it) is understood. You have become such a dear and treasured friend in spite of the fact that we haven't had the good opportunity to meet in person. We WILL -- and when we do, the world better watch out! xoxox
autumngeisha said…
What a wonderful nod to your blogging friends. The Van Morrison song is a perfect dedication. I am so glad that we have met in this large space that is the Internet! And thank you so much for your kind words. Knitting is so much more rewarding and special when we share it with friends.

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