I'm back, on a time delay.... FOFriday, posting on WIP Wednesday???

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I have dropped the Blogtober Fest ball, and I am sorry. Between sweating through having the cold and getting a new, complicated new guy in my class, my attentions have been directed away from my posts. I have missed being here and have a number of topics to share, but I really wanted to let you all know, I do not need an intervention. (Some of you, near and dear to me, commented that I was taking on too much.... you know I knit all the time right? No outside social life save the job and grocery shopping...)  I had a bunch of WIPs from last week and got a bunch done, but did not get a post up on Friday because the picutres were so dark. I have such an abundance due to the need for new samples for the knitting class and the extra time I had because I felt lousy.

Gypsy Turban, by Amanda Steves
Test Knit Turban: this was fun to make and a pretty mindless knit. I love how the variegated yarn worked up. When I used it with other stitch patterns, the pooling wasn't pretty. Seed stitch saves the day!

Coronet, by Alexandra Virgiel

Coronet: Did you realize this pattern was written by a young girl in her teens? I found this one to be an addictive knit while working the braid band. It worked up quickly, but I would definitely advise you to divide the picked up stitches into groups, I did sets of 24 and it made it easier to get an even seam.

Double Bump Washcloth, by Missy Angus
Designer Dishcloths, by Lucie Sinkler
Dishcloths: These are easy, quick, and so far, fun to make. The knitters in my class seem to think they will make great gifts for the holidays, just add a bar of nice soap.

Felted Yarn Bowl, by Sarah White
This is another suggested project for the knitting class. Felting will hide mistakes and it will make a useful gift for the holidays. It was a very fast project with bulky yarn and size 10 needles. I just need to felt it now.

Horizontal Braid, by Dawn Catanzaro
Technically, this wasn't an FO from last week, but it is a hat of which I am very fond; I love the color, the fit, and the design. I bought this pattern at KnitWit (in Portland, ME) last November from the designer. It is a pretty quick knit for a cable patten. I especially love this version because I picked up the stitches in a few rows and it gives the hat some height; the edge makes me think of a pie crust. I am putting it up because I think you should consider this for gift giving projects.

In closing, I apologize for dropping out of the blog challenge, I did miss you all and thanks for the wishes for a quick recovery and the urgings to get back to posting. It means so much to know someone is reading!!


Inky077 said…
Oh God. You are scaring me now - I bought the same pattern at Knitwits in the spring lol. Great minds think alike and all, ha ha. Wish we could pick apart your brain to figure out how you pick the best yarn and color to enhance the pattern. Pure genius and a real talent. We are ready to learn, Sensei. :)
FoFo said…
Very nice! You have been a busy girl!
autumngeisha said…
Hope that you are feeling better! We have had a round robin of colds in my household, too. The projects all look great. Both hats look so warm and pretty!
Evelyn said…
Oh, you didn't drop the ball...getting side-tracked by life happens to all of us! I have missed reading new posts so it was lovely to see you back, dear friend. You are rocking with your needles! xo
I love all of your projects (me=amazed!)...especially knowing that you were under the weather last week. Hope you're completely back to your old self soon!!
Loco Lindy said…
So many cool projects, I especially like the cornet hat!
storiedyarns said…
Ooh, lovely projects! I especially like the Coronet hat, what an amazing shade of red!!

Melissa Plank said…
Gosh, these are great projects, I love and apprecialte all the input, it really helps when looking into which patterns to use!
Melissa said…
Great projects...I really like the Horizontal Braid pattern...I'll need to check that out. Glad your feeling better.
WonderWhyGal said…
WOW! You may not have had time to blog but you sure were busy knitting. LOVE all of the projects.
Voie de Vie said…
The Yarn Harlot might suggest that there is no life without knitting ... so you seem to living just fine!

Glad you're feeling better. Pumpkin breakfast pudding recipe next week. :)
AllyB said…
Great hats! I especially like the cabley ones. Those dishcloths look interesting, I'm always trying to find quick and easy ones that look more difficult than they really are. Thanks for sharing. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

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