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As I thought about what I should blog about today, this idea came to mind. If you read me at all, you know I am a lone knitter. Oh, I do have acquaintances in my favorite LYS (local yarn shops). I have my lovely virtual friends acquired through Ravelry and blogging, but I don't have the immediacy of someone's company while I knit, or shop for yarn or ponder projects. Please indulge my wonderings.

Where do you find the patterns that excite you?
For me the answer is primarily Ravelry, but I do frequent other fountains of inspiration.... is a free social network for knitters and other fiber aficionados, where you can create lists of your projects, your needles, and your stash. You can find many, many free patterns and then, many patterns that charge you a small fee to download. You can search the Yarn tab to discover patterns that are recommended for the yarn you have in hand.

All great things, but on top of that, Ravelry has Forums boards and Groups to join that give you advice, direction and inspiration! To be honest, I have begun to request designers, knitters and others who create styles and projects that I admire and aspire to. When I go to the People tab, I click on Friends Activity button and there, I find the project pics that have been uploaded or commented on.

Oh, did I mention Ravelry has this thing called a Queue? You click on the Favorites button for an image or place, pattern or yarn as something you like, and it becomes a bookmark or trail of cookie crumbs, so you can find your way back when you actually commit to casting on, or in knit speak, begin with yarn, needles and a pattern.

Twist Collective is an online magazine that has beautiful layouts, articles and wonderful patterns. Check them out and trace back over old issues for inspiration or serious envy action. is also an online source for free patterns. Great photos, articles and did you hear me????  .... freeeeee patterns!, another online magazine, which at first began as copies made in the home of the editor.

Various yarn suppliers and designers' webpages:
Lookbook One

Quince and Company, read the brief story behind this Portland, Maine based company, then I dare you to request a color card and sign up for their emails. You'll never regret it!!! Important to know that you will need to go to KnitWit in Portland or Purl Diva in Brunswick to buy this yarn in person... everyone else must order via their webpage or phone line. Squee factor is considerable, and you may succumb to the lure of this yummy yarn named after birds; color names are equally charming!

Classic Elite Yarns, great yarns, great patterns, interesting blog. I have used four different booklets for projects this past summer and I was happy with the results.

Interweave Knits, Interweave Knits Weekend, Knit.Wear and Vogue Knitting magazines. You've seen them in LYS; consider buying them for the visual eye candy, great articles, and compendiums of patterns.

Jared Flood, Brooklyn Tweed and Wool People.  Just click, trust me. :D

So share with me how you find you next project... if you are visiting and have another craft, share with me what your craft is and how you are inspired.


Evelyn said…
I use all the same sites that you do but another great resource is my local libraries as they carry knitting magazine subscriptions and books. When I have a few minutes, I love to stop in, grab a pile of knitting magazines and/or books and browse through. I always feel inspired after! xo
Patricia said…
Brava to you, Erin! I am loving your daily posts. I get most of my ideas from Ravelry...but i get my motivation from my knitting guild. When members bring their finished items to show to the rest of us, I am always so inspired and wish I had a creative gene. Today I spent almost half an hour in a LYS in anxiety trying to choose a yarn for a gift for my second son. Glad to hear your Classic Elite comments. I bought my first CE yarn online and am eager to begin working with it.
Inky077 said…
I also use the same resources as you do, but someone at my new knitting group suggested this site: It's pretty interesting, and yarns are available in the US.
autumngeisha said…
All of the above resources are wonderful. I also have a long (and growing by the day) list of blogs that always inspire me. We all know and love most of the more popular designers such as Ysolda and Jared, but I get excited when I find a lesser known one as well such as Thea Colman from the Babycocktails blog, Ann Weaver of Weaverknits blog, Heather Dixon of Army of Knitters. I also love Stephanie Dosen and her blogs tiny owl knits and owl in the dark. The Purl Bee is one of my favorite places for free patterns. I could go on and on and on.....

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